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Re: Theos-World The Abiding Threat: The Ongoing Validity of the Angleton-Golytsin Thesis

Nov 17, 2009 11:47 PM
by Augoeides-222

I see two links I provided are no longer functional. Here are functional links: 

Thomas Schuman/ Yuri Bezmenov Goole video's in 8 parts "Secrets of Communism" 


Igor Shafarevich- Author: The Socialist Phenomenon 




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Subject: Re: Theos-World The Abiding Threat: The Ongoing Validity of the Angleton-Golytsin Thesis 

I don't usually comment on political realitys here on this forum. But I have just read the Alpheus link you posted and do have some suggestions. I do much agree with what "Nyquist" had to say in his -posts there. Lavrov is former KGB as was Putin and many others running the "new" Russia. The acrimony of the past between China and Russia is over and now a past itself. Recently China and Rusiia held large Joint Military Operation inside of China on Chinese soil with Russian Military and Tanks etc. There have been plenty of new relationships. The Russians just signed an aggrement to proceed to a final Treaty of Peace with Japan that will not require exixting disputes to be settled first. The will have marked transformative effect as regards Japan and Russia, The New Japanese Prime Minister is leftist who is galloping at full tilt to evict Amnerica and has opened an inquiry about scret American Nuclear Weapons held on ships and ancilliary islands like Okinawa. The Russian managed to conviunce our new president to betray those who went to the wall in regards to the ABM Defense agreements they permitted. The Russians will very shortly provide the SA-300 a(dvanced versions ) to Iran which will likely make Iran imprentrabile when the SA-300 with 60 launchers is intregrated with the 29 Tor Missiles Batterys already purchased from Russia. They are designed to work together as a Iron Defense Network with a Kill statistic of over 90% of tracked threats. 

Here is a link for you and your compatriots at Alpheus: 
Yuri Bezmenov expatriate Soviet KGB describes the actual systematic outline used to successfully subvert and transform targeted Nations 


Yuri bezmenov was his ture name under the Soviets he used a expatriate name "Thomas Schuman" now. He was a Professional Expert in the Soviet KGB Propaganda Operations. Here is his brief outline of the system: 

Four Primary Thrusts are actuated viz 
1.Demoralization ( takes 15-25 years to mature to realization) 
2. Destablization 
3. Crisis 
4.Normalization (this stage is for after conquest and details the required termination of all the cadre that were the lackeys who helped extinguish the former free nation ) 

How these are emplamented and in what arena's? 
A. Religion for instance in the "Marxist-Christian Project" and many other networks 
B. Education by the purfussion into already existing systems and councils of dedicated Marxist/Socialists etc. 
C.Social Life through propagandzation at individual, groups 
D. Labor Relations - Unions and Portest organizations 
E. Law and Order activism group and legal fronts 

Bezmenov states that the Soviet KGB spent 85% of the budgeted funds they received not on espionage but on the above listed action and activities outside of the Soviet Union, only 15 % was spent on espionage. 

Yuri Bezmenov as Thomas Schuman wrote the book "Love Letter to America" 
If you will Google on Google Video the name Thomas Schuman you will find a complete set of Instruction Videos that details the above in deeper depth. I strongly ask you to view carefully all his videos and learn. Once you understand the systemic system you can then with open eyes and new awereness view America and what is happening and understand the underground that is forming the process. 

Thomas Schumman poijnts people to this book : The Socialist Phenomenon" by Igor Shafarevich 

>>> <<< 

There was mention of many good citations about The current leaders past affiliatiuons but one that is important was omitted "Saul David Alinsky" CPUSA is one of his operative mentor's, Alinsky is the Author of "Rules for Radicals :A Political Primer for Practical Radicals" 1971. 

When our current leader made his acceptance speech behind in the background was the fabricated Greek Temple of Apollo on the stage behind him. It was a purposfull visual communication to those in the "Apollo Aliance" who helped make it happen. here is one of the best "tools" i can give you and any others for whatever reason they use it for and some "Relational Maps" that will visually educate them. 

1. Muckity a exceptional Mapping Tool for Interrelational cross mapping of Organizations, Groups, Individuals: 


>>> <<< 

Apollo Alliance 

>>> <<< 

George Soros-Harold K. Ickes 

>>> <<< 

Tides Foundation- Wade Rathke- SEIU 

>>> <<< 

Van Jones formerly white house special assistant "Green Czar" 

>>> <<< - all the Diorectors are self proclaimed communists 

>>> <<< 

Democracy Alliance 

>>> <<< 

Open Society Institute - Founded by George Soros - former Hungarian KGB (Search "Oboma-Soros" on Muckity ) 

>>> <<< 

All the Muckity Relation Maps are "interactive" icon Boxes that has a small "x" at the top right coner can be clicked and it will expand the mapping to include personages of that organization or group, they are also color coded to indicate differences. 

Feel free to imagine yourself in your own searches there, this site is absolutely awesome. 


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Sent: Tuesday, November 17, 2009 1:58:37 PM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific 
Subject: Theos-World The Abiding Threat: The Ongoing Validity of the Angleton-Golytsin Thesis 

The Abiding Threat: The Ongoing Validity of the Angleton-Golytsin Thesis 
helped ". the American decent into Marxism is happening with breath taking speed ." 

Pravda, April 27, 2009 

With the recent celebrations of the fall of the Berlin Wall 20 years ago and US President Obama visiting the US's main creditor China it might be good to revisit the old Angleton-Golytsin thesis regarding the false liberalization in Russia and the hidden, long-term Russia-China alliance. Five years ago I wrote about it and researchers still find confirmation upon confirmation for the thesis. Find below some of their analyses. 

Don't expect this administration, with its many Marxist sympathizers and its leader a tool of fifth column New World Order organizations to incorporate this into its geopolitical perceptions and strategy. Instead, US domestic and foreign policy is and has been driven by a quite large set of incorrect assumptions shared by both parties, the most important and dangerous among which are: Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda are responsible for 9/11, even while it was an inside job; Russia and China can be played out against each other and contained, even while they are in secret alliance and are quite powerful; record-setting government deficits and low interest rates will save the US and world economy, even while setting the conditions for the next and bigger economic crisis. These together with a plethora of other faulty perceptions are responsible for the increasing possibility of the demise of the American Republic in the near future and its subsequent absorption into a New World Order through either military conquest, convergence through legislation or an internal coup/revolution. 

Probably, and hopefully, only the emergence of a robust constitutionalist anti-Marxist third party might save the day. I like to remind my friends in the Theosophical, Krishnamurti and Ascended Master movements that they could, and maybe should, agree on supporting such a third party effort as key persons in all three movements have come out strongly in opposition to all Marxist and derivative policies. HPB declared her hostility to the "insane dreams of Socialism and of Communism." Krishnamurti would in no way submit himself to any coercive policies coming from any quarter however idealistic. And Elizabeth Clare Prophet, the HPB of the 20th century, provided arguably the most elaborate esoteric analysis of the Marxist agenda. (sources) 

Govert Schuller 
November 17, 2009 

For the analyses proceed to: 

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