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Online churches draw believers, critics

Nov 15, 2009 07:18 PM
by MKR

Online churches draw believers, critics

I just ran into an interesting article on how online churches are
thriving. No one should be surprised because Internet tools make
geographical distances immaterial.

The experience of the online churches simply tells us what is
possible. TS which is supposed to be at the forefront is not so. Use
of Internet is terribly lagging in helping disseminate Theosophy.
While for politicking purposes, Internet tools such as email has come
in handy for the leaders, we have not seen an aggressive push to use
Internet as a multi-way interactive communication tool. It is a great
pity that it appears that the fundamental reason seems to be the octo
and septuagenarian leaders, scholars, elders and politicians have not
still gotten a full understanding of the wide potential Internet
offers. Also, in the pre-Internet era, organizational leaders are used
to controlling information flow to their followers and members and
with Internet that is gone.

I hope the leaders wake up and engage in creative Internet programs
and thus further the cause of theosophy instead of doing nothing about
the division seen in the cleavage at the General Council of TS.

Here is the link and a few quotes from the article:



Online religious services offer convenience to those who are too
isolated or infirm to attend a real-world church. But can worshipping
via a computer offer true spiritual fulfillment?

In doing so, Ã Lava joined growing numbers of Christians worldwide who
are migrating from the chapel to the computer. A map on the Church
Online site showed users from 22 countries logged into a recent

Supporters of online churches have a common response to their
skeptics: Try before you criticize. The virtual experience goes far
beyond using live chat rooms to exchange emoticons instead of hugs and
handshakes, they say.



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