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Nov 06, 2009 10:55 AM
by Rialto Maldonado

I just got back from work and looked at the web site and i differ in opinion about science and          philosophy and religion .religions of today go back to the middles ages like islam or iron age           or bronze or  copper Age some predate and go back to megalithic and buddhism is an iron age         stroke bronze age religion. in origines we have to now reinterprete these view pionts with science   and philosophy  and modern philosophy. like professor kenrick of oxford recently who is a              21 cenbtury philosopher and realise   religion only means in greek a code of ethics conduct  and      moralitry applied in practice to society. and its people  that make society evolve and advance but      these codes help to maintain  stability of society but they can be evolved praticaly to the era   we     live in and thats in the books we got from the fall the good  and benifit of society.         We have seen a shift in thinking
 processes in society and green tech and communications are one   of them  and a few years a loaf of brown bread was a rarity now tofu and healthy options are           many.Next science and tech philosophy and religion can unite to a common gaol and thats the         challenge for theosophists now, W e use tech and study philosophy and were into interfaith  and     we see kingston as a challenge.When we see what is possible .  theosophy can do then i see hope        too.We can can now farm the in the sky in cities and turn algie into fuel and make dsserts              create power and turn desserts into food factories and more .


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