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Joseph Ross' Books on Krotona etc.

Nov 05, 2009 07:53 PM
by MKR

I have received inquiries about Ross' books on Krotona and their
availability. I have listed below details of his books. I am still inquiring
about where they can be purchased.

I think that they are not carried by theosophical book stores for whatever
reason. I suspect it may have to do with some of the material in the book
showing all the politics and controversies that went on in the TS. I will
not be surprised if the reasoning behind how the famous book by Wood - Is
this Theosophy? was boycotted for decades until Kessinger republished it.
Every interesting book ultimately finds its way to the Internet as a scanned
file, no matter whether they are copyrighted or not.



Joseph E Ross has published four volumes on Krotona. The details are:

Krotona of Old Hollywood, Vol I, 1866-1913. Pp. 298 - El Montecito Oaks
Press, Inc. 1989 ISBN: 0-925943-11-8 $22.95

Krotona of Old Hollywood, Vol II, 1914-1920. Pp.526 - 2004 -Self Published -
ISBN: 0-925943-12-6

Krotona - The New Krotona: from Hollywood to Ojai. Vol III, 1921-1922.
Pp.328 - 2009 - Self Published - ISBN: 0-925943-13-2

Krotona in the Ojai Valley, Vol IV, 1923-1926. Pp.467 - 2009 - Self
Published - ISBN: 0-925943-14-9

In addition he has published the following books:

Krishnamurti - The Taormina Secusion 1912. Pp.184. 2003 - Edwin House
Publishing - ISBN: 0-9649247-8-1 $17.95

Spirit of Womanhood - A journey with Rukmini Devi. Pp. 183. 2009 - Self
Published - ISBN: 0-925943-08-8


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