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A New Theosophical Society???

Nov 05, 2009 09:07 AM
by MKR

A New Theosophical Society???

In the past, when philosophical and political differences arose in TS, some
of the leaders went off  and formed their own TS to further their own vision
of what theosophy is and what TS should do.

Recently it was a revelation to me that when Annie Besant ran for the office
of the President, the major section from which she did not get majority
votes was the American Section. At the time of her election, there was also
the distinct possibility her not being elected.

It appears that there was a Plan B, with her forming her own TS supported by
those who had confidence in her. She would have done it if the situation
arose. She was a marvellous organizer and also fund raiser for TS and would
not have needed any of the money and assets of TS, if a need arose to start
a new TS. It is to be pointed out that it was during her leadership, Adyar
estate was expanded to the current size of 200 plus acres from the early 10
plus acres bought at Olcottâs time.

When Besant ran for office, everyone knew her intention and she did not
mince any words about it and did not use others to put forward her
candidature. She won the election in the most open and direct manner that
theosophists are expected to act.

What a contrast when we look at what has been going on since the President
election started. What is even more interesting are the events following the
election, such as the allegation against Indian Section, ill fated ultra
secret attempt by a Quartet of GC members to seize the President, and the
display of cleavage in the December 2008 meeting of the GC such as never
been seen in the history of TS. Due to the secrecy with which the GC has
operated and continues to operate, ordinary members are in the dark about
what other schemes are being cooked behind the scenes.

It is said, follow the money and you can understand what is going on. The
underlying attraction seems to be the valuable real estate in Adyar and the
money in the Treasury. If that were not the case, those who have a strong
disagreement with the election verdict of majority of members world-wide,
could have easily launched their own TS with followers and money raised from
the followers.

The key note of TS is Brotherhood. I recall reading an instance in Ojai in
1920s when someone made an uncomplimentary comment to a Krotona resident
that if one wants to see how Brotherhood is really working in TS, all one
needs to do is to visit Krotona.

The events since the start of the President election has, in my humble
opinion, done a lasting harm to TS and theosophy. Anyone looking at the
December 2008 GC meeting can come to their own conclusion about how
Brotherhood is working in practice at the highest levels of TS world-wide.

We all know how Internet saved TS from the greatest peril it faced since
Coloumb crisis. Internet also throws a bright light on all the events in and
surrounding TS. Prospective members and newbees see for themselves the
disconnect between the keynote of TS and the actions of leaders at the
highest levels, thus making TS a laughing stock. Many members also have a
very low level of trust in their leaders as a result of what is going on.
Leaders can effectively lead only if the followers have a high level of
trust in them.

Unless quick, open, transparent, good-faith, radical action is taken at all
levels, I am afraid we are going to see the real effects of Kali Yuga on TS
and thus all of us. I am an optimist and hope wise minds will perceive the
problem and turn things around in a hurry.


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