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Re: Theos-World Remote Viewing is drawing interest

Nov 04, 2009 11:47 PM
by MKR

When I was reading your msg, lo and behold, an ad by Google showed up
refering to Ed Dames. I am quite happy with local viewing let alone remote
viewing. I posted the msg on the topic since there are not much traffic
during the last some days.


On Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 1:18 AM, <> wrote:

> MKR,
> When I first read of the movie recently and noticed the Title I had a good
> laugh about the part where they "Killed Goats by staring at them in the
> movie! There has been pretty good press in the past about certain breeds of
> goat that will easily fall over into a faint when mildly frightened I seem
> to recall there are even videos ofthem on you tube and google videos.
> Standard Research Institute (SRI) mentioned in your link was a government
> project Major Ed Dames who isa frequent guest on www.coasttocoastam.comRadio was one of the participants in the Remote Viewing Research not so well
> known but actually more revenent is a person and an Artist named Ingo Swan
> who back in those years had been a Scientologist and proudly wore his "Clear
> " bracelet. Part of the "materials " of the processes were certain exercises
> in Pan Determined Perception ( A Scientology developed Process) that taught
> "remote viewing" some thing lost to it's critics lol. Ingo Swan came better
> prepared than all the other Remote Viewing participants. People can google
> Ingo Swan and major Ed Dames. But th processes I describe are not public
> asfar as I know.
> The part about staring and killing poor sweet innocent little defenseless
> goats is pure baloney lol. Just my 2 cents but it must have had dramatic
> effect in the movie by using that unique breed of goats.
> Regards,
> John
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> Subject: Theos-World Remote Viewing is drawing interest
> Remote Viewing is drawing interest
> Remote Viewing has drawn interest for a long time. Military and spy
> agencies
> are especially interested and now this is getting publicity. There is an
> interesting article in a British Newspaper. Here is the link:
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