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Re: Theos-World Remote Viewing is drawing interest

Nov 04, 2009 11:18 PM
by Augoeides-222

When I first read of the movie recently and noticed the Title I had a good laugh about the part where they "Killed Goats by staring at them in the movie! There has been pretty good press in the past about certain breeds of goat that will easily fall over into a faint when mildly frightened I seem to recall there are even videos ofthem on you tube and google videos. Standard Research Institute (SRI) mentioned in your link was a government project Major Ed Dames who isa frequent guest on Radio was one of the participants in the Remote Viewing Research not so well known but actually more revenent is a person and an Artist named Ingo Swan who back in those years had been a Scientologist and proudly wore his "Clear " bracelet. Part of the "materials " of the processes were certain exercises in Pan Determined Perception ( A Scientology developed Process) that taught "remote viewing" some thing lost to it's critics lol. Ingo Swan came better prepared than all the other Remote Viewing participants. People can google Ingo Swan and major Ed Dames. But th processes I describe are not public asfar as I know. 

The part about staring and killing poor sweet innocent little defenseless goats is pure baloney lol. Just my 2 cents but it must have had dramatic effect in the movie by using that unique breed of goats. 


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Remote Viewing is drawing interest 

Remote Viewing has drawn interest for a long time. Military and spy agencies 
are especially interested and now this is getting publicity. There is an 
interesting article in a British Newspaper. Here is the link: 



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