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Nov 02, 2009 12:39 PM
by Rialto Maldonado

I just got back from work and looked at the internet and forum too. i agree with some of it but not    completely.The homework was on buddhism and buddhist issues this sunday and the interfaith       meeting on suturday was interesting and stormy.A psyscal conservative insulted openly insulted         a great lady who i know is a great lady and she is an rgn at kingston hospital and a good one.         She is a member of the wicca and wierdo conservative  insulted  her publically  and issued a            threat towards her. The matter is in the hands of the psychaitric and police authority  and the man is now  wearing slippers  and is now in saint francise mental wing and is a recipiant of a  section      now,It held up kingston interfaith by ten minutes and he was taken by the police from the hall.         She was not upset but is pressing charges and we are wondering how he got into the meeting and    steps are being taken to avoid  this problem in the
 future. But is society polarizing and are we going to see more of this in meetings publicaly and soicially  in the community and this is trend or    blimp on the map.


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