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Re: [Mind and Brain] a response to Leon Maurer/yanniru

Nov 01, 2009 11:15 PM
by Leon Maurer


Yeah, but try convincing the numskulls (who still believe that  
consciousness is an epiphenomena of matter or neural complexity, or  
that consciousness and energy are the same things, that such an anti- 
gravity machine -- (based on a complex crystal structure that can,  
with a  geometric adjustment, create  it's own repulsive magnetic  
spin field powerful enough to lift a spaceship off the Earth) -- is  

Inicdentally. I have no problem believing it... Since I still have  
the working drawings for such a doped-crystal-based "ZPE-mag-field  
engine" that my physicist collaborator (who worked on the trigger for  
the first A-bomb test) and I designed almost 40 years ago.

But, when we realized (after discussing the concept with some of his  
former colleagues) how dangerous it could be to build (and risk a  
possible "creation bomb") -- and considering the technology at the  
time (although I still believe it will eventually become a source of  
free ZPE that can easily be converted to electricity) -- we destroyed  
all the printed drawings and technical data... And, eventually (in  
the mid eighties, when Doc Perch died) -- I decided to shelve my  
proposed book, where I intended to explain its principles and picture  
the blueprints -- since I didn't feel that we were ready yet for such  
a power source... Especially in the hands of those wealthy enough to  
build a prototype -- which I estimated could cost several hundred  
million dollars, and might possibly lead to a catastrophic failure  
(that could be more powerful than ten thouysand H-bombs) which could  
wipe out most life on Earth.  I'd rather leave that to karma and the  
inevitable collapse of civilization by natural means... Which may be  
necessary before the evolved "6th sub-racers" (of our "5th root  
race") arrive and start the new "paradise on Earth in the 21st  
century", as predicted by HPB.  If this is true, it surely would be  
very helpful to have a good number of seasoned, technologically wise  
initiates still around to show them the way.

Haramein, has a good picture of this technology... (Although, he  
completely misses the boat when it comes to understanding the nature  
of fundamental pre-physical spacetime reality, or the cyclic laws  
underlying cosmogenesis of total gravitational and electrodynamic  
spacetime.. And, foolishly assumes that we are descended from extra  
terrestrials who gave the Ark to the Egyptians, are showing us its  
principles symbolically in "crop circles", and who will soon come  
back to lead us after the "apocalypse" in the form of the "living  
Ark" in the flesh of the returned Christ Messiah).  His  
misinterpretation about extra terrestrials visitors and seeders, is  
as much science fiction as Van Danikan's "Chariots of the Gods" based  
on ancient carvings and stonework's made by the last remnants of the  
Atlantians, after the great deluge wiped out their homeland and  

Too bad he missed studying the occult teachings in the SD, that  
covered all his "physics" discoveries, as well as going much deeper  
into the pre-physical cosmogenesis and anthropogenesis -- that he  
could never deduce from his research -- which is apparently based on  
a preconceived materialism and superficial observations of the works  
of the ancient Atlantians.

But, I don't doubt that there are many other "knowers" working in  
secret, who are also theosophical humanitarians -- and will carry on  
after the expected so called "Apocalypse" -- that, if or when it  
comes, will certainly be the result of karma, and NOT Haramein's  so  
called, "Solar God" or any other outside forces.  Apparently.  
Haramein's extensive research has led him completely astray -- since  
he is still an eliminative materialist and unconsciously conditioned  
by his early Catholic upbringing -- even though he denies their God  
and disavows their theology and theological metaphysics.
But, how else could the ancient Atlantian astronauts, who built the  
great pyramid at Giza and the amazing Mayan structures  -- be able to  
lift and place thousand ton stones to build the pyramid with such an  
accuracy that the peak point of its copper cap could be within 1/i6"  
off the exact center of its base -- or could create such a controlled  
plasma capable of softening several ton-sized irregular shaped  
granite blocks with the space between their joints thinner than the  
edge of a razor blade?...  Unless, they had such a powerful magnetic  
field generator. in any event, I have no doubt, that we can build  
such a machine with the amazingly advanced high technology (at the  
nano-scale level) that we have today.  So. what need for extra  
terrestrials -- who, if they exist, would have to have the same  
evolution to get to their high technology that we have already gone  

And, there certainly had to be a damned good reason for the Pharaoh  
to send his whole army chasing after Moses when he copped the  
greatest treasure in the kingdom.  I'm sure that his brother Aaron  
and the other initiated Levite architects and masons working  
originally as slaves under Moses (when he was ostensibly the  
Pharaoh's son and heir) -- were in on the haul.  Probably one of the  
biggest bank heists in the history of modern civilization. ;-)  How  
else could the Levites build the Temple of Solomon "without the sound  
of a nail or hammer" as HPB said?

So, why couldn't the ancient Atlantians have a super high  
technologically, at least as advanced as Haramein's supposed "extra  
terrestrial "gods" (which is only one small step further than where  
we are now) before they destroyed themselves (just like we seem to be  
repeating, now)?  Certainly, a large number of their higher evolved  
"wise ones" could have survived the sinking of their continent and  
traveled by sea to the four corners of the Earth  -- bringing their  
technology and architectural knowledge with them (including their  
Magnetically levitated spacecraft).   Perhaps, even the UFO's of  
today, could be highly evolved Atlantians (or future evolved humans)  
who have learned to live in the higher order Astral hyperspacetime,  
and thus time travel back to the physical space and manifest their  
flying saucers that can create crop circles using their magnetic  
energy systems and advanced computational machines .

I wonder when Western scientist will finally realize what a great  
physics textbook the Secret Doctrine really is?  I'm sure, however,  
that the Russians are already using it in their technical institutes  
--  but I wonder if they can translate the English typological  
codings into Russian?

So, we'll see who comes up with the crystal antigrav system first. ;-)

And, if the technological underpinnings or fundamental scientific  
laws of such super high technology, including the basis of all our  
current high technology, is thoroughly explained (to those that  
understand its symbolical language) in the Secret Doctrine...  
Wouldn't that be credible evidence that the rest of HPB's theories of  
anthropogenesis -- through seven "rounds" and root races on Earth --  
are also true?

I eagerly wait the how the skeptics in these forums respond to all  
this. ;-)


On Oct 28, 2009, at 10/28/0910:21 PM, Cass Silva wrote:

> likewise Haramein has a similar theory in that the Ark is an anti- 
> gravity generator.
> Cass
> From: Leon Maurer <>
> To:
> Sent: Wed, 28 October, 2009 2:26:36 PM
> Subject: Re: [Mind and Brain] a response to Leon Maurer/yanniru
> Tom,
> Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine is subtitled: "A Synthesis of Science,  
> Religion and Philosophy."
> Note that "Science" comes first, and that the entire treatise is  
> based on a purely scientific explanation of cosmogenesis, as  
> clearly defined (if you can comprehend its symbology) in the  
> ancient Book of Dzyan -- which she translated from the Tibetan  
> translation of the original Senzar language of the ancient  
> Atlantians, written at least 1200's years ago -- when Plato  
> reported the sinking of its last island civilization off the coast  
> of Africa.
> My ABC model, while completely (and logically) derived from a  
> reverse engineering of present conditions, along with careful mind  
> experiments, is closely in accord with the "equations" and  
> "formulas" symbolically notated in the Book of Dzyan, and further  
> explained by Blavatsky in terms of the modern science she predicted  
> that would supersede the scientific knowledge of her time.   
> Remember, Maxwell's equations on which Einstein's theory of  
> relativity is based, was fully developed before HPB wrote the  
> Secret Doctrine (Published in 1888)
> Obviously, Blavatsky (or her teachers who, she claimed, actually  
> wrote the book through her) knew much more about the nature of  
> energy fields and consciousness and their causal as well as  
> phenomenal interrelationship -- which modern science may still be  
> decades away from fully comprehending. .. But which is revealed in  
> the SD (if you know how to read "in and around the words and  
> between the lines" as she suggested to her serious students (that  
> is, if you have a copy of her original personally edited typeset  
> edition that has all the secret typological codings still intact).   
> Naturally, she didn't want to openly reveal the secrets behind  
> atomic energy and other dangerous scientific principles before  
> their time, and especially, considering the greed and selfishness  
> of our current society.  So, the SD is full of such "blinds" and  
> wordy diversions that would sidetrack the casual reader.
> I know for a fact that there is the principles of a perfectly  
> logical, magnetic field controlled antigravity space drive system  
> buried in the SD -- if you know where to look, and can interpret  
> the coded blinds.  Incidentally, this took me over 15 years of  
> concentrated fully understand the coding method -- which  
> began when my physics teacher and collaborator (who was partially  
> blind) had me read the SD aloud to him. We found that some of the  
> occult coding is in the sounds of the words and sentences  
> themselves, inflectionally keyed by the typographical symbols.--  
> among other techniques such as breaking context by inserting  
> diversionary phrases between connected technical information --  
> also cued by particular typographic symbols and dingbats.   
> Incidentally, the hint for all this is in the title itself, and any  
> real student of occultism or earnest searcher of truth would know  
> to search for the key to the code.  Many hints for the "intuitive  
> student" are also in the writing.
> As it is, it was over 30 years of continued reference to the SD,  
> and mind experiments before the whole picture of the ABC model of  
> cosmogenesis was pictured clearly in my mind.  Obviously, this is  
> why most reviewers of the SD, who accept the scientific method as  
> the only way to understand reality -- claim that the SD is  
> incomprehensible nonsense, and also say the same thing about my  
> explanation of the ABC model.  Naturally, it's difficult to use  
> existing scientific references -- since their labels and their  
> conceptional interpretations are mostly meaningless in the context  
> of the actual higher order fields that came before the physical  
> universe appeared and broke its symmetry after its big bang  
> inflation on its lower order matter-energy or material plane. See:
> http://leonmaurer. info/ABCimages/ Cyclic-paths- cosmogenesis. jpg.
> That's why Einstein, by studying the Secret Doctrine, was able to  
> intuit his equivalence of matter and energy, relativity, the  
> quantum nature of light, and the nature of gravity -- (although he  
> apparently intentionally misinterpreted the true nature of both  
> time and gravity, I would assume, in order to maintain the valididy  
> of classical physics, so as to get his work published in the  
> physics journals of his day),  These intuitions, with the help of  
> the SD came long before and even after he got his degree in  
> physics, and became one of the leading physicists of the 20th  
> Century. Naturally, Einstein, once he gained his credentials and  
> became the "genius" of the age, could never reveal the secret  
> source of his knowledge.  That's why, when asked what he attributed  
> his genius to, he cryptically replied, "Genius is concentrated  
> focus (of the mind) on a single point of inquiry for a long period  
> of time." (parenthesis, mine)  Even his "mind experiments" are  
> based on Blavatsky's constant admonitions, after making an  
> important occult point, to meditate on it.
> Is it any wonder, then, judging by Blavatsky's constant reference  
> to "universal brotherhood, and "altruism" --where Einstein also got  
> his humanitarian philosophical ideas from?  Or why, after he shot  
> himself in the foot with misinterpreting time and gravity, he could  
> never come up with a scientifically acceptable unified field  
> theory?  Or, why he continually argued with Bohr and Heisenberg  
> about the incorrectness of their quantum mechanics and  
> indeterminacy theories. For the back story on all this, see:
> http://leonmaurer. info/einstein. html
> When you have really studied the original Secret Doctrine in depth,  
> you will easily recognize Annie Besant's reprinted interpretation  
> of it, and her and "Bishop" Leadbeater's "Occult Chemistry" -- as  
> totally erroneous pseudo theosophy -- cooked up by them to fool the  
> Christian members of the Theosophical Society in England, and  
> justify their founding of the Liberal Catholic Church -- as a  
> Christianization of Theosophy -- with  J. Krishnamurti (who later  
> disowned them and defected) as the returning "Christ" Messiah.
> This Christianized pseudo theosophy was later promoted by Alice  
> Bailey, a student of Besant and Leadbeater (after she moved to the  
> US) in her Arcane group and Lucis Trust Foundation -- that some  
> years ago infiltrated into the United Nations.  This false version  
> of theosophy,with  its proposed "New World order" and its  
> hierarchical government with the returned Christ at its head --  
> politically designed to attract the Christian right wing "neocons"  
> in the US and Gt Britian -- is now promoted by Benjamin Creme, who  
> introduced the new coming messiah, Maitreya, now living in London.   
> So, I'd be very careful about which occult teachers you hang your  
> hat on, or recommend to others.
> As for the separation of consciousness from matter-energy. .. Being  
> two different and opposite categories of fundamental space... One,  
> entirely subjective and creative, and the other entirely objective  
> and receptive... They each have their own individual  
> function...Therefor e, they cannot be conflated or considered as  
> identical.
> I think I have thoroughly explained the rationale for all of that  
> in my previous post.
> That doesn't mean, however, that those opposite (subject-object)  
> aspects of our experiential reality, aren't, eternally  
> interconnected -- through the information carried by energy fields  
> generated from the ZP spin momentum -- as they "dependently arise"  
> on our physical plane and become phenomenally expressed in all  
> sentient beings.
> Forgive me for the pedantry of making such fine distinctions and  
> discussing the Secret Doctrine ii such detail... But, as I see it,  
> the only way to fully understand pure observer-responder  
> consciousness and its relation to matter-energy -- while also  
> preventing our individual attachment to material things (including  
> our bodies) and maintaining our free will with full control of our  
> thoughts and ideas, as well as maintaining the health of our bodies  
> & minds and fulfillment of all our self determined duties and  
> responsibilities -- is to recognize that potential consciousness  
> and noumenal matter-energy are completely separate and independent  
> (yet informationally interrelated) aspects of fundamental  
> reality... One, eternal and the other temporal.  Therefore, the  
> only true unchanging reality is our individual consciousness linked  
> directly to the universal consciousness, and indirectly through the  
> collective consciousness of all sentient beings taking their life  
> energies directly or indirectly trough the Sun's radiation.
> Thus, all materialists who claim consciousness (awareness, will,  
> qualia, etc,) to be  epiphenomena of matter, or "emerging" from the  
> neurological processes -- are completely wrong... And no amount of  
> pseudo logical arguments based on mathematical manipulations,   
> physical observations, or theories of meaning or psychology can  
> prove otherwise.
> Best wishes,
> Leon
> On Oct 26, 2009, at 10/26/091:32 PM, Otmar Pokorny wrote:
>> Madame Blavatsky was an interesting woman's voice at the beginning  
>> of the 20th century, a revolutionary time for science. I had even  
>> suggested to my teacher, Joe Rouse, who started and heads the  
>> Science in Society program at Wesleyan Univ., and who has  
>> published several books in the philosophy of Science, with  
>> particular focus on woman's issues in science, to offer a course  
>> on M.B.
>> Recently, on jcs-online, I recommended a book by the Theosophical  
>> Publishing co., "Occult Chemistry".
>> No, my concern with Leon's ABC theory is his scientific  
>> interpretaion of her writings ('Isis Unveiled', 'The Secret  
>> Doctrine' ...) and Leon's attempt to isolate consciousness from  
>> energy.
>> -Tom
>>> Cass Silva <silva_cass@. ..> wrote:
>>> I think you boys are overreacting - of course its HPB's
>>> theosophy - Leon is merely interpreting a scientific
>>> explanation for it.
> =
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