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Re: Volunteers and TS

Oct 31, 2009 09:07 AM
by Spirituality


I would put it perhaps a bit more strongly: we have to make sure the TS once again becomes the kind of organization that is so inherently inspiring that people will gladly support it with their time and energy. 

I agree that means it must be open; volunteers that are still there need to feel stimulated and supported; and the internet needs to be used in a way that make the organisation more effective. 

Anyhow- good topic. Turns out one of the things we need, pretty much world wide, is volunteers willing to video tape and turn video into a youtube ready format. 



--- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> Recently there have been some discussions in Internet about need for
> volunteers to help theosophical organization and it is a very important and
> interesting topic. Anyone who reads the history of TS knows it is the
> dedicated volunteers who are responsible for building up the organization
> world-wide.
> Today we have Internet which provides contemporary and archived information
> about the going ons in the organization. For anyone to get committed and
> volunteer their time and money, they need to be convinced about the
> objectives and ideals of the organization and a very high degree of
> confidence in the leaders.
> Anyone who Googles or Bings Internet and reads what went on since the start
> of last yearâ??s election, and the continued lack of transparency will make
> potential volunteers confused and make them wonder what is going on. What is
> most shocking to the lay men and women is the secret attempt to
> disenfranchise members world-wide and make the president a puppet and thus
> control the TS and its valuable assets and treasury.
> What is also striking is the disconnect between the talk and the walk and
> lack of unity and the cleavage in the membership of the General Council.
> Unless the situation is fixed quickly and unity is brought about and the
> confidence level in the leaders, scholars, elders, clairvoyants of TS is
> rebuilt, it will be very hard to find real committed volunteers. I hope some
> of the leaders are reading what is going on here on this list and other
> Internet forums.
> We all hope things to change soon for the better.
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