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Transparency at White House

Oct 30, 2009 09:35 PM
by MKR

Transparency is a very sensitive question that theosophical leaders would
like to avoid. While throwing crumbs of insignificant information for the
consumption of members, the last thing any theosophical leader is willing to
embrace is transparency. Opaqueness helps to do things that they would not
do in the open. Such actions are based on the mistaken belief that higher
quality wisdom resides in the leaders not in ordinary members. Due to the
submissive and silent and indifferent membership, this condition has been
allowed to continue.

Master KH did not mince words in his 1900 letter. He warned that unnecessary
secrecy has dealt deathblow to many organizations. This warning has been
totally ignored either due to not understanding its connection with the TS
or due to ostrich mentality or due to the convenience lack of transparency
allows unwise actions to be initiated in secrecy.

We have clearly seen the evidence of the harm unnecessary secrecy can do to
TS in the events of last year and the continuance of possible machinations
in the opaqueness of GC. No one seems to take transparency seriously.

Use of Internet is integral to achieve transparency. Old modes of
communication do not lend itself for quick and easy implementation of
transparency. We can take a lesson from the Obama administration. It has
just been announced that White House meetings would be webcast. Why canât
the National Section such the American one do likewise? Webcast the Board
Meetings to start with.

Wisdom lies in taking wise actions in a timely manner. I hope the leaders
start meditating on this and jump at the opportunity that Internet provides
to webcast and make operations transparent. Such actions would rebuild lost
trust in leaders and help move TS forward.


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