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Re: Theos-World The Sun

Oct 29, 2009 06:14 PM
by Augoeides-222

Right, new science adds new discovery and create new facts and views consciousness is a stream that is persistantly originating knowledge, understanding and wisdom . IBEX was designed to see with new eyes instead of the old eyes. BTW, my two small hands polished the Phosphor-Beryillium Micro-wave Wave Guides that weere placed on the Voyager Mission. 

You did find the info which is good. 

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but it wasn't always thought of this way 
"The expectations of NASA scientists are not being met because their shock front model is incorrect. The boundary that Voyager has reached is more complex and structured than a mechanical impact.ââWal Thornhill, September 2006. e complex and structured than a mechanical impact.â âWal Thornhill, September 2006. 

>> In 2007, twenty years after it was discovered, âthe origin of the triple-ring nebula [of Supernova 1987A] has so far not found a satisfactory explanation.â 

The EU model is based on a hierarchy of repeated patterns of plasma behavior, from the size of a galaxy down to a few centimeters in the laboratory. Therefore it is subject to experimental confirmation, unlike most astrophysical theory today. So discoveries from space like this one should trigger experiments in plasma laboratories around the world instead of theorists wasting resources by conjuring up ever more complex and unlikely models based on invalid concepts of space plasma. IBEX's recent results that have taken researchers by surprise have given yet more strength to the EU model, a model that confidently predicts thatthe shape of the Sunâs galactic plasma environment is the hourglass, Z-pinch shape of planetary nebulae and supernovae, aligned with the local interstellar magnetic field. The beautiful symmetrical patterns that arise in plasma discharges from very simple principles renders all modeling that ignores the electrical nature of matter 
and the universe worthless. 

Wal Thornhill 

This image shows photographs of the heliospheres around other stars (called astrospheres) taken by a variety of telescopes. Credit: SwRI [Note that the title of the original has been changed here from âAstrospheresâ because it makes the unsupported assumption that all stars have them in this cometary form]. 

Cometary phenomena are not a simple mechanical effect of an object plowing through a thin gas. Comets are an electrical phenomenon where the comet nucleus is a negative cathode in the Sunâs plasma discharge. Examples of cometary stars are uncommon because stars are normally a positive anode in the galactic discharge. Characteristically, cathodes tend to jet m into the plasma to form spectacular comas and tails, as seen above. Stars may become comets in the process of electrical capture by a more highly charged star. It is a mistake to assume a cometary astrosphere model for all stars. 

The meter-wide, hexagonal IBEX monitors the edge of the solar system from Earth orbit by âseeingâ the heliosphereâs outer boundary in the âlightâ of energetic neutral hydrogen atoms (ENAâs). The news releases of October 15 highlighted the difficulties this discovery causes. âThe thing thatâs really shocking is this ribbon,â says IBEX principal investigator David McComas of Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio , Texas . Researchers had expected gusts in the solar wind blowing against the boundary to create 20% or 30% variations in ENA emissions, but the ribbon is 10 times that intenseâa narrow band blazing across the sky like some Milky Way on fire. Charged particles have apparently become bunched along the ribbon near the boundary, says McComas, but how they got there âis still a big mystery. Our previous ideas about the outer heliosphere are going to have to be revised." âIâm blown away completely,â says space 
physicist Neil Murphy of NASAâs Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena , California . âItâs amazing, itâs opened up a new kind of astronomy.â 

IBEX has discovered that the heliosheath is dominated not by the Sun but by the Galaxyâs magnetic field. Since the galaxy's magnetic field traces the direction of interstellar electric current flow in space near the Sun, it is a result that conforms to the EU model of galaxies and stars. 

It is necessary to acknowledge that the cometary heliosphere model seems reasonable when some images of stars do have a cometary appearance. Examples of cometary stars are provided in the NASA news report: 

>> This image shows photographs of the heliospheres around other stars (called astrospheres) taken by a variety of telescopes. Credit: SwRI [Note that the title of the original has been changed here from âAstrospheresâ because it makes the unsupported assumption that all stars have them in this cometary form]. 

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>HPB might have been indicating the sun's economy at a higher level than the visible but the science is well established about the gaseuos part helium hydrogen etc. Also the IBEX Mission wasn't measuring the close range composition of the sun itself but rather the edge of the Heliosphere far beyond our solar system, the Heliosphere is like a giant bubble of protection fromed by the pressure of the solar wind particles. That "ribbon" spoken of was at the very edge of the Heliosphere billions of miles out in space. 
>If you visit SOHO the solar observatory satellite a million miles out from the earth there are views one can click on that image th optical, magnetic, iron and other mediums of the sun. You can click on "The Sun Now" option to see he sun in it's various elemental compositions, click on the colored spectrum globe images of the sun ( you can enlarge twice by repeated clicking). 
>Soho Home 
>>>> http://soho. nascom.nasa. gov/<<< 
>The Sun is a humoungus Thermonuclear Hydrogen Reaction 864,000 miles in diameter in the arena of non-esoteric perception. 
>Mountains of now knowledge about the Sun have been in receipt since the time that HPB lived. 
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>As HPB said 100 years ago, the sun is 
>"We know that the invisible sun is composed of that which has neither name, nor can it be compared to anything known by your science - on earth; and that its reflection contains still less of anything like "gases", "mineral matter", or fire, though even we when treating of it in your civilized tongue are compelled to use such expressions as 'vapour' and 'magnetic matter.' To close the subject, the coronal changes have no effect upon the earth's climate, though spots have - and Professor N.Lockyer is mostly wrong in his deductions. The Sun is neither a solid nor a liquid, nor yet a gaseous globe; but a gigantic ball of electromagnetic Forces, the store-house of universal life and motion, from which the latter pulsate in all directions, feeding the smallest atom as the greatest genius with the same material unto the end of the Maha Yug. ML 93B, p.321 
>Electric Sun Verified http://www.holoscie php?article= 74fgmwne 
>NASA's IBEX (Interstellar Boundary Explorer) spacecraft has made the first all-sky maps of the boundary between the Sunâs environment (the heliosphere) , and interstellar space. The results, reported as a bright, winding ribbon of unknown origin which bisects the maps, have taken researchers by surprise. However, the discovery fits the electric model of stars perfectly. 
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