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Re: Theos-World Re:Masters also need to be liberated - Candles in the Sun

Oct 29, 2009 04:06 PM
by Cass Silva

I personally gained a lot of insight through reading Krishnamurti, especially insight into the construction of the personality or rather, the personal "I". 

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>Subject: Theos-World Re:Masters also need to be liberated - Candles in the Sun
>Yes, MKR. History seems to repeat itself. Along the lines of some Jewish priests and Hindu pandits who could not understand the teachings of the Christ and the Buddha, there have been a few TS members who have failed miserably to understand Krishnaji. Sad but true. In reality it seems the TS achieved even more than what was expected. It was expecting a Master and the Lord appeared instead. Initial teachings as written in At the Feet of the Master were said (by CWL)to come from Master KH. Later when CWL could no longer explain his process and the teachings, Krishnaji himself switched from third to first person during his speech at the TS convention in Adyar with a telling statement, 'I have come not to destroy, but to build'. His whole life was dedicated to tearing down the unessential but to some who held the unessential to be the goal, it was naturally unpalatable. They could only think he was destroying what was so dear to them.
>Candles in the Sun is an appropriate metaphor. It does not dispute the existence of candles, only their relative insignificance to the Sun. In fact,here is an answer from Krishnaji in response to a question about Masters. 
>You want to know what is the natural connection between higher, superhuman beings, such as Masters and angels and man. What is the natural connection between a savage and a so-called civilized man? There is evolution, distance; that is the natural connection. You want to know what is the natural connection between humanity and Masters and angels. The same natural connection as between a savage and a civilized being. But, that is of very little importance to either because BOTH the ordinary man, and the Master, have to come to the same fulfilment of life â of that I am speaking, not of the natural stages. So, it is no good asking who is ahead of you or who is behind you. That is again from my point of view, taking the unessential for the essential. You are all immensely interested in the Masters whether they exist or not, and what my view is with regard to them. I will tell you my view. To me it is of very little importance whether they exist or
 whether they do not exist, BECAUSE I SAY MAN HAS TO ARRIVE AT THAT LIBERATION AT WHICH THE MASTERS ALSO MUST ARRIVE. So concern yourself with that and not with who is ahead of you. When you have to walk to the Camp or to the station from here, there are people ahead of you, nearer the Camp, nearer the station; people who have started earlier. What is more important? To get to the station or to sit down and worship the man who is ahead of you? BOTH YOU AND THE MAN AHEAD OF YOU ARE VERY FAR AWAY FROM THE GOAL, BOTH HAVE TO GET THERE, FOR ALL LIFE LEADS TO THAT.
>(Page 14, International Star Bulletin, Nov 1929)

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