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Re: Theos-World Apollo 11

Oct 29, 2009 00:24 AM
by Augoeides-222

Exactly correct, thank you. BTW way one of the Authors of such types of canned baloney recently passed on "Rene' something or other" lol I don't remember his last name but he was one of the prime culprits that wrote that type of baloney. 
Thanks for your comments, hope your well, happy holidays. 
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Have you read all the comments? Especially the ones about the 
mirrors on the moon and the windows of the spacecraft? This film is 
such obvious baloney as to not be worth discussing. Naturally, the 
Sun's reflection coming in from the same direction the Earth is 
illuminated would interfere with shooting through the window. What 
they left out from all the pictures taken inside the spacecraft, and 
when on the moon tell a whole different story. And it's very easy to 
put a finger accidentally in front of the lens when shouting with a 
hand held movie camera, which obviously, judging by the jittery 
image, had to hand held at least a few inches away from the window. 
(if the camera lens was touching the glass, or taken from a tripod, 
there could be no jitter.) 

So, don't be gullible when you listen to stories or see documentaries 
made by the same dumb ass conspiracy theorists and propagandists who 
deny the holocaust (as you know, I was there, and personally 
documented it)... And, as a special effects expert, computer 
graphics pioneer, cinematographer and photo retoucher, I know a phony 
simulation when i see it... The Earth shot from halfway to the moon 
by a hand held camera, are obviously authentic. All the conspiracy 
theorists did was take a few faulty out-takes and patch them 
together. The takes used by NASA for public release, had the window 
edges in the pictures, which showed the relative size of the Earth as 
seen from deep space. Naturally, at the lens aperture and film 
speed used to record the bright sunlight reflected off the Earth, 
stars would not show in the pictures. Nor would they from any shots 
taken on the moon. 

> (From Apollo 11) Leaked (Fake) Moon Landing Video 
> com/watch? v=z17WsAOgf4U&feature=email 
> Steve's Note: The Apollo missions to the Moon evidently never 
> happened. This video will help open the eyes of those that doubt this. 
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> This seems quite convincing - any comments? 
> Cass 
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