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Re: Theos-World Apollo 11

Oct 29, 2009 00:02 AM
by Augoeides-222

Exactly correct. Not only the Laser reflection target, but also the remaining "Lander" platform that was left when they rocketed back up to reconnect with the "Lunar Orbiter" which they used to return to Earth orbit and then disconnect from it and splash down in the ocean to be retrieved which was totally documented. Recently India took photos of the remaining "Lander Platform" using their new Lunar Mission Research Satellite. And others besides India like Japan have also shown proofs. Some people simnply love lies better than truths it seems. The Laser Reflection is still in use today to instruct students. 


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Bull manure. 

The reflectors they left on the moon to measure the distance by bouncing laser beams are still there and they did not get put there by the space brothers. 

Chuck the Heretic 

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(From Apollo 11) Leaked (Fake) Moon Landing Video com/watch? v=z17WsAOgf4U&feature=email 

Steve's Note: The Apollo missions to the Moon evidently never happened. This video will help open the eyes of those that doubt this. 

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This seems quite convincing - any comments? 



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