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Re: Theos-World The Sun

Oct 28, 2009 11:43 PM
by Augoeides-222

HPB might have been indicating the sun's economy at a higher level than the visible but the science is well established about the gaseuos part helium hydrogen etc. Also the IBEX Mission wasn't measuring the close range composition of the sun itself but rather the edge of the Heliosphere far beyond our solar system, the Heliosphere is like a giant bubble of protection fromed by the pressure of the solar wind particles. That "ribbon" spoken of was at the very edge of the Heliosphere billions of miles out in space. 
If you visit SOHO the solar observatory satellite a million miles out from the earth there are views one can click on that image th optical, magnetic, iron and other mediums of the sun. You can click on "The Sun Now" option to see he sun in it's various elemental compositions, click on the colored spectrum globe images of the sun ( you can enlarge twice by repeated clicking). 

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The Sun is a humoungus Thermonuclear Hydrogen Reaction 864,000 miles in diameter in the arena of non-esoteric perception. 

Mountains of now knowledge about the Sun have been in receipt since the time that HPB lived. 


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As HPB said 100 years ago, the sun is 
"We know that the invisible sun is composed of that which has neither name, nor can it be compared to anything known by your science - on earth; and that its reflection contains still less of anything like "gases", "mineral matter", or fire, though even we when treating of it in your civilized tongue are compelled to use such expressions as 'vapour' and 'magnetic matter.' To close the subject, the coronal changes have no effect upon the earth's climate, though spots have - and Professor N.Lockyer is mostly wrong in his deductions. The Sun is neither a solid nor a liquid, nor yet a gaseous globe; but a gigantic ball of electromagnetic Forces, the store-house of universal life and motion, from which the latter pulsate in all directions, feeding the smallest atom as the greatest genius with the same material unto the end of the Maha Yug. ML 93B, p.321 

Electric Sun Verified http://www.holoscie php?article= 74fgmwne 
NASA's IBEX (Interstellar Boundary Explorer) spacecraft has made the first all-sky maps of the boundary between the Sunâs environment (the heliosphere) , and interstellar space. The results, reported as a bright, winding ribbon of unknown origin which bisects the maps, have taken researchers by surprise. However, the discovery fits the electric model of stars perfectly. 

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