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Re: Theos-World Give up meat to save the planet

Oct 28, 2009 05:39 AM
by Thuan Do

The economy will adjust itself without us to have to worry about it. Â 
Suppose that people will eat meat less and less, animal industry closes their animal farms one by one, farm animals decrease by number gradually, more soybeans and vegetables will be available to hungry peole all over the world, since animals eat much more than people in quantity to become meat, more soil and water will be available for people to live with. We will have a more healthy earth with less pollution (created by animal farms).
That's part of what the book "Diet for a new America" talks about.

Do Thi Thuan
Moi quà vi nghe bÃi hÃt Duoi ChÃn ThÃy
Toi la mot nguoi bo hanh phieu lang
Duong tran gian xuoi nguoc de vui choi
The Lu

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Subject: Re: Theos-World Give up meat to save the planet
Date: Tuesday, October 27, 2009, 6:57 PM



There are a number of excellent documentarys on the evolution of farming and farming equipmentthat realte the how and why it was fundamentally necessary to improve machine farming in order to supply basic demands levels of the world ever increasing populations without wich society would have had rapid collapse and contractions and the remaining industry would have been burial of the starved billions. Hoards of ill educated youth will agree with the most mindless ideas Here small animal life prevents necessary sustenance improvemments due to the protected species act in several different areas and regions preventing needed work that would improve conditions. Animals are not senior to humans, sorry, they are in the ranks of creation but no one will convince me to agree with radical politically motivated assininities. 

It is interesting to speculate what happens if most people were vegetarian today. Whjat would cattle, sheep, chicken , turkey, and other animal ranchers do? would they continue to feed animals that they cannot market? I don't think so. Then what would they do with all the animals? Set them free? Cut the fences of their ranches and abandon them to retire on a pension somewhere? What would happen to all the Farm Equipment Mfgrs? With no one to seel their product to they would fire the workers and shut their doors. What about all the other Source Suppliers that sold them all the parts and steel and rubber, plastic and tires and all else they needed, thye could all go out of business also and fire all their employee's who then could carry signs protesting animal rights lol. 

What about all the supermarkets that carried all the meat , chicken, lamb, salmon (oh BTW the Indians would still eat meat and salmon, and chickens etc lol) what would they do when they couldn't supply it anymore because there weren't any more dairys or animal husbandry businesses and now there isn't any need for Bar-B-Que sauces or other sauces, spices, flavorings. And what about the Feed Companies that supply feed to the Ranchers and hay and Chicken feed they go out of business also. And what about the truckimng companies that had steady regular contracts to transport and deliver the evil products to market? They go out of business also and fire all theiur employee's who go on un employment and and then welfare like all the other happy crowds who npow are very satisfied that animalsare senior to humans but not senior to potheads lol. 

And what about the huge loss of revenue in fee's and taxes to city, county, state and federal governments because all the businesses that used to support in some significant way the traditional diets of sane people went to hell in a basket? They also must contract and furlo many people and staff who also can go on unemployment and later welfare with the many millions of other evil people who worked to feed others belly. 

and remember the activists are also against using land for raising soybeans which are used to make soy based meat substitutes which it is posited that people would eat when they went vegetarian. So when theere is no meat, fowl, lamb, chicken, fowl, fish , eggs, or insects like snails (a life form) chocolate covered crickets or many other living animal lifeforms that are traditionally eaten 

it will a living exampl,e of that classic chinese proverb "May you live in interesting times! LOl! 

Here today the deadline is activating about no more plastic bags in markets to place what you buy in because they are made from petroleum (They hate Oil Corp.'s) and they are not biodegradable in landfills so we must bring our own or use the Paper Shopping bags made from living TREE's LOL! hey started with tree's and are working to include everything else. 

I do think that the Meat , Fish, Fowl, Products constitute the major part of income for Super Markets. Lettuce is very cheap comparatively and more importantly much less profitable as regards margin wise and I seriously doubt thety would continue the business with out the Protein supplying animal products. So 100,000's of thousands more will be fired when the doors close and go on unemployment and later welfare like all the rest. BTW our local Health Food Co-op has a splendid Meat, Fowl , and Fish Section all "Organic" for those who worry about evil contaminations. Wonder why that is lol? 

Just a few items, there are many more that could be listed by examination. 



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Subject: Re: Theos-World Give up meat to save the planet 

Glad to see your message. Social changes take time. I have great hopes in 

the younger generation who have much better access to information is likely 

to be affected when they become aware of the issues involved in factory 

farming, slaughter and further processing. From what I have seen, animal 

rights interest ultimately leads those interested becoming ethical 

vegetarians in due course. Who can predict how the future is going to 

evolve. We will have to see how changes take place in the future. 


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> MKR, 

> Just for the record I have been a vegetarian since 1981. No beef, pork, 

> lamb, chicken or fowl, fish, or whole eggs. I eat soy products as a 

> substitute, it is high protein, zero chloresterol, but you have to measure 

> the salt content in it's porttions when eating it. Today soy products are 

> textured, seasoned, colored to imitate the real animal products. So I have 

> sliced balogne, ham, smoked turkey, salami, canadian bacon, peperoni for 

> pizza, tuscan chicken breast w/sauce, b-b-q ribs w/sauce, hot dogs, fat 

> franks, breakfast sausage, italian sausage, chorizo sausage, and more as 

> meat substitutes. there are also soy cheeses sliced or in block. Soy milk 

> substitute and soy drinks. 


> I also try to recycle all that I can but I have also found major 

> deficencies in this area such as there is no public entity that will receive 

> all the billions of VHS Tapes, only privat commercial enterprises who will 

> charge you a per/lb. rate to take the tapes from you. I have been instructed 

> by my city and county and state resources to just dump them in the garbage 

> dumpster to go to the local landfill. I threw 0ver 600 VHS taped away in the 

> instructed manner. My personal view is they were originally made from 

> petroleum and they could be recycled back. 


> But I must add I am not a pothead alienated against society in general and 

> will never blindly subscribe to oxymoronic rationalizations like lets return 

> to the ancient way of living and get rid of all modern objects and 

> technologys. Lets ban automobiles and oil. lets burn down new home 

> developments because they occupy land formerly used by animals or farms 

> (PETA). And a host of other rediculous nonsense that no educated rational 

> intelligent thinking person would ever entertain. I personally don't have 

> any desire to return to the time of Madame Blavastky when no one had toilet 

> paper and people used corn cobs soaked in water kept next to the toilet in a 

> bowl. (people who are nuts over tree's that are used to make toilet paper 

> would do that to all of us lol! ) 


> Try transporting 40 - 80 tons on a bicycle some time lol! Shall we go back 

> to candles for light at darkness? Etc etc. 


> When they handed out brains the rabid environmentalists wern't there is my 

> view. 


> Regards, 

> John 


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> I still remember the times when smoking was very fashionable. Now, in the 

> USA, most offices and public places and even rental cars are non-smoking. 

> Who could have predicted this trend. Let us hope Vegetarianism becomes 

> fashionable and acceptable and will reduce the killing of animals for food. 


> It will take time. Even if a large segment turns vegetarian, the results 

> will save suffering animals. 


> MKR 


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> > 

> > 

> > Hmmm, 

> > OMG were all doomed!!!!!! we must pass a law requiring methane meters to 

> be 

> > installed on every beast, wild or otherwise, including humans so we can 

> get 

> > an exact idea of all the hot gas pervading the world! We must install 

> > infra-red cameras everywhere so we can ticket anyone farting anywhere in 

> the 

> > world and procure revenues to fight the problem! Precision methane meters 


> > will be the future industry of economies all over the world even small 

> > chickens, gerbels, dogs , cats, zoo animals, and ofcoursw all kinds of 

> birds 

> > must fitted with methane meters light enough to allow them to continue 

> > flying. And the evil vegetarians who comsume soy products should be taxed 


> > enormously and even sent to jail for consuming soy of any kind becuase it 

> is 

> > a crime against world ecology depriving wild life a ideal habitat. cites 

> > must be evicerated from existance and the land returned to the wild 

> animals. 

> > People can huddle together in clumps of millions naked in designated 

> > locations wearing their fitted methane meters. If necessary Alternative 

> > Three could be used to return the Earth to Animals who them will hold 

> thier 

> > own courts to convict each species of methane crimes and exterminate them 

> to 

> > save others from the doom of climate change. Think Petry Dish the End is 

> > Near!!! 

> > 

> > John (Hehe) 

> > 

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> > 

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> > Subject: Theos-World Give up meat to save the planet 

> > 

> > Climate chief Lord Stern: give up meat to save the planet 

> > 

> > Here is an interesting article on the subject. Like smoking getting out 

> of 

> > fashion, meat eating may also go the same way in the years to come. Lord 

> > Stern, former chief economist of World Bank says: 

> > 

> > People will need to consider turning vegetarian if the world is to 

> conquer 

> > climate change, according to a leading authority on global warming. 

> > 

> > He predicted that peopleâs attitudes would evolve until meat eating 

> became 

> > unacceptable. âI think itâs important that people think about what they 

> are 

> > 

> > doing and that includes what they are eating,â he said. âI am 61 now and 

> > attitudes towards drinking and driving have changed radically since I was 

> a 

> > 

> > student. People change their notion of what is responsible. They will 

> > increasingly ask about the carbon content of their food.â 

> > 

> > Full article at: 

> > 

> > http://www.timesonl tol/news/ environment/ article6891362. ece 

> > 

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> > 

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> > 

> > 

> > 


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