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Re: Theos-World Give up meat to save the planet

Oct 26, 2009 10:22 PM
by Augoeides-222

OMG were all doomed!!!!!! we must pass a law requiring methane meters to be installed on every beast, wild or otherwise, including humans so we can get an exact idea of all the hot gas pervading the world! We must install infra-red cameras everywhere so we can ticket anyone farting anywhere in the world and procure revenues to fight the problem! Precision methane meters will be the future industry of economies all over the world even small chickens, gerbels, dogs , cats, zoo animals, and ofcoursw all kinds of birds must fitted with methane meters light enough to allow them to continue flying. And the evil vegetarians who comsume soy products should be taxed enormously and even sent to jail for consuming soy of any kind becuase it is a crime against world ecology depriving wild life a ideal habitat. cites must be evicerated from existance and the land returned to the wild animals. People can huddle together in clumps of millions naked in designated locations wearing their fitted methane meters. If necessary Alternative Three could be used to return the Earth to Animals who them will hold thier own courts to convict each species of methane crimes and exterminate them to save others from the doom of climate change. Think Petry Dish the End is Near!!! 

John (Hehe) 

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Climate chief Lord Stern: give up meat to save the planet 

Here is an interesting article on the subject. Like smoking getting out of 
fashion, meat eating may also go the same way in the years to come. Lord 
Stern, former chief economist of World Bank says: 

People will need to consider turning vegetarian if the world is to conquer 
climate change, according to a leading authority on global warming. 

He predicted that peopleâs attitudes would evolve until meat eating became 
unacceptable. âI think itâs important that people think about what they are 
doing and that includes what they are eating,â he said. âI am 61 now and 
attitudes towards drinking and driving have changed radically since I was a 
student. People change their notion of what is responsible. They will 
increasingly ask about the carbon content of their food.â 

Full article at: 

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