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Dugpas are Rejoicing???

Oct 25, 2009 08:42 AM
by MKR

Dugpas are Rejoicing???


Where ever there is dissension and disharmony, Dugpas rejoice. Many times,
it is their agents unknown to themselves are behind them and many times
typical human nature and its weaknesses are behind them. In either case, the
results are the same. How can the Dugpas not rejoice seeing the dissension
and disharmony. Many TS members looking at the events since the start of
last yearâs election, have reason to believe either or both are behind them


GC members, their discussions and decisions have been shrouded in greatest
secrecy surpassing even state secrets. This has been going on for a long
time due to the mistaken belief that the elected leaders have more wisdom
than the membership. This is in spite of the fact that TS was not meant ever
to be a secret organization.

The serious and far reaching (possibly destructive) the consequences of
activities in secret was clearly demonstrated last year when a handful of GC
members tried to disenfranchise everyone - you and me - and seize control of
President thus all the very valuable assets at Adyar. If this had  come to
pass, we will seeing the end of TS as we know it and few of the GC members
feasting on the assets of Adyar answering to no one. It may have been legal
but not theosophical or moral.

I believe Master KH foresaw future potential for death blow to the TS as we
know it, when he warned about misleading secrecy in the famous 1900 letter.
Since 1900, I have not seen any  theosophist analyse, lecture, write or
discuss this simple, yet far reaching statement. Nor, any one commented even
after being pointed out repeatedly in this forum and elsewhere since the now
famous disenfranchisement secret attempt last year.


Too long, the membership has been docile and silent. Many perhaps do not
care about organizational matters. In others, fear silenced them by the
interlocking memberships with other organizations as well as other indirect
benefits doled to them by those in power in the organizations. Others may,
by their strong belief in the Law of Karma, stand silent believing Karma
will take care of it. Others may have other reasons not to say anything to
antagonise those in power either because it may involved their livelihood or
the comfortable boarding and lodging whose continuance will depend on the
whims of the leaders. After all, human nature being the same every where,
this should not surprise anyone.

There is no free and open two-way communication between the leaders and the
dues paying  members. This was not the case in early days of TS. What
members have been fed in the past were insignificant crumbs of
organizational policy and decision info, in the belief that this is
sufficient to satisfy the dues paying members.

Everyone who has been following the events since the start of last yearâs
election know, many members now have a very low level of trust in the
leaders on account of what they have seen, especially the self-serving
intent and the way disenfranchisement move was attempted.

Those who tried to seize control of Presidency by backdoor may be lying low
waiting for the next opportunity to disenfranchise all of us. Should this
happen, no one should be surprised.


Contact your local/sectional leaders ask them such simple questions as:

What are the plans to bring harmony and unity world-wide? And what are the
specific details?

What proposals and plans are to be considered in the next GC meeting? There
is no need to hide them behind the wall of secrecy. Sectional heads cannot
be questioned if they make the details known to their members. On the
contrary, solid and constructive plans would only bring about support of
members and strengthen the hands of the leaders. On the other hand, clever
tricks only destroy trust and credibility.

What are the steps being taken to ensure full two-way communication with
membership so as to rebuild on the lost credibility and trust in the


The price of inaction of the members world-wide is possible disbandment of
TS as we know it. Leaders world-wide, except in India, have failed to expand
theosophical activities in their backyards and seem to be salivating at the
valuable real estate in Adyar. In the worldly matters, the dictum is to
follow-the-money. It seems to apply to TS as well because of the simple
human weaknesses among every theosophist, and many of us have seen this
since early last year.

Let us not blindly be content with the idea, all we need are three members
for the TS to survive. TS as we know it, is far from it and keeping quite
and dumb will be serious dereliction of  responsibility of every
theosophist. I think this is a great test facing all us to see if we all
make the right choice or fail to do so. In either case, we will reap the
Karmic fruits.


There is no religion higher than truth

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