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Candles and the Sun

Oct 22, 2009 07:02 PM
by MKR

Candles and the Sun

For some of us interested in the history of the theosophical society and
some of the players, today offers some interesting and striking contrasts
when you look at the past and present.


>From the moment Krishnaji started speaking, literally there was no
competition from anyone from the theosophical society. This has continued to
be so to this day. Even when he visited San Antonio years ago, 2,500 people
showed up for his lecture and in the last 30 years I have never seen even
1/10th show up for any theosophical leader, lecturer, scholar, elder,
clairvoyant, etc. This fact cannot be ignored.

Let us look at the situation when in 1929 he came up with his famous Truth
is a Pathless Land statement. He came up with a very simple and direct
statement - I maintain that Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot
approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect.

He personally delivered the statement to the audience. He did not issue a
press release or use surrogates to put out the statement. He did not waver
from it rest of his life. He was also  subsequently filmed reading the
statement in 1930 and can be seen on Youtube today.

At the time he declared Truth is a Pathless Land statement, he was extremely
popular within and outside theosophical society. If he had given any inkling
of his desire to be President of TS, Annie Besant would have given up her
position and he would have been elected unopposed. But, what did he do? He
came up with his Truth is a Pathless Land statement and severed connection
with any organization. Let us look at him at that time.

He was a young man of 34 years of age. He had no formal education and did
not even have high school diploma. If he started looking for job, it would
have been very difficult without formal education or skills. For someone
with that background to come up with Truth is a Pathless Land statement and
cutting of any connection with any organization, with no marketable job
skills, it would have looked very foolish and suicidal. Obviously, one
person who did not think so was himself. Even Annie Besant was concerned
about his future and asked some a few well-known members of TS to leave TS
and take care of him.

The above shows simple daring decision made by him with no concern about the
security of the future. He did succeed and was talking about various topics
till he died in 1986. Where ever he lectured, there was a strong turnout and
even today, his books are popular world-wide. Foundations and Schools were
established world-wide and are doing excellent work.


Looking at the election of the President of Theosophical Society last year
is very interesting. The methodology and tactics used in trying to defeat
the sitting President was very sad indeed; not to mention the backdoor
attempt to seize the Presidency by secretly disenfranchising members
world-wide. No one came up with a daring new radical philosophical or
spiritual approach arresting the attention of theosophists; an approach
which would have had a large following of theosophists without any concern
about losing the money and property owned by the TS and International
organizational platform of TS. Contrasting this with the decision taken by
Krishnaji in 1929, everyone looks pitiful and the comparison of Candles and
the Sun is quite appropriate. I wonder if any of the player ever thought
about the comparison. If not, all those who meditate everyday for whatever
purpose, may benefit by meditating on it.

My 0.02.


There is no religion higher than truth

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