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envisioning the ts

Oct 19, 2009 11:27 AM
by Rialto Maldonado

I just got back from work  and i had a message from chicargo from our general secretary   and           its quite positive in meaning.We discussed in the study day 1 to 3 homework hour the                      envisioning the the ts future and the detailed study of the entire ts webb site for homework  and        we feel that theres hope and i think in my homework exsposition on sunday that we have a              good base to start from  but to build a base for the future we need a wheaton expert think   tank        committee to think the the unthinkable go beyond the frame and think in three dimentoins and be     think like edward de bono in lateral thinking and thinking outside the frame. HPB our founder       thought outside the frame and act on the ideas to experiment in the real world with outside the          frame thinking using the world as a laboritory of positive  idaes in action.and to build on those       positive ideas by the science of
 lateral thinking as progressive evolution of thought step by step        We have some brand new ideas ourselves and were going to put them into action in the world        of kingston and if we succeed we have learned and if we loose we adapt till we get it right and        life is about learning .       


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