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Next GC Meeting

Oct 17, 2009 09:11 AM
by MKR

In ten weeks, the next GC meeting would be held. We have not heard so far
from any of the GC members, especially the general secretaries, anything
about the agenda items proposed, which is not surprising considering the
self-serving secrecy with which they have operated for too long.
After all that has happened since the start of the last election, I do not
think that the silence is an indication of inactivity among creative gc
members. what is the super secret killer proposal this year, is the question
members are asking. Bring back the disenfranchisement proposal and get it
approved blind siding members?? Why should anyone think this is far fetched?
After all it would be a slam dunk and a coup to seize control of the

Any one has heard anything?

Let us all be vigilant without which more serious damage could be done to


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