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Re: Theos-World Goshka Macuga â Madame Blavatsky Carved on Wood.

Oct 11, 2009 11:46 AM
by Augoeides-222

Just my own personal opinion. I have nothing against Artists and Art as well as freedom of thought and expression. But I do think that this particular artwork needs criticism. First I do believe this particular art work maligns Madame Blavatsky in a way that does not characterize her properly. Madame Blavatsky to my memory never levitated between chairs as the artist depicts. To my memory Madame Blavatsky never levitated at all in any form or place. In this artwork it depicts her in an altered state of consciousness suspended between the chairs in a way that conceals if she was above or actually resting on the backs of the chairs, suggestive of fraud. This I also object too. Due to the suggestion by the art that she was also under the control of another's operation who put her under and then caused the levitation it suggests something any Theosophists would know is not her character to permit in such a way. Again the very sickly skin tone of her face and hands suggests that we are looking at a person who is seriously ill in some way, a clever way to suggest she was sick in her consciousness---not good! Madame Blavatsky regularly and consistently strongly instructed Theosophists to never engage in mediumistic practices and the art shown is dependent on a medium state of placing oneself under another"s control. This again runs contrary to her nature and consistent admonitions. 

I enquire what was your personal internal reflection on this work that prompted you to present it to us? 


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Goshka Macuga in her avant-garde art work presented in an art exhibition Madame Blavatsky carved on wood, in life 
size. The sleeping H.P.B. is depicted levitating between two chairs and 
holding on her hands a medallion with the symbol of the T.S. 


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