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interfaith view piont

Oct 10, 2009 01:03 PM
by Rialto Maldonado

Our group has just  left an interfiath association meeting which we particicipate in in                very real  ways.The  muslim suadi trained clerick was a pain and the rabbhi was a pain too.  but we succeeded  in getting things done in practice in the real world.And you bet your           boots that were going to do it even if it kills us metamophorically.Every oppinion of               faith is there and were discussing the clash between the  clerick and the rabbai and other      issues tomorrow on study day.Every opportunity to spread interfaith will be grasped           and held with iron  hands until it is achieved  as we we see the ts holding a world                  gathering this year too. Rest assurred we will succceed come hell and high water              ect  as we always succced 100 percent   and there a cheque  going to tos to after this             weekend too.    


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