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Re: Theos-World Looking Within is What is Needed

Oct 08, 2009 00:46 AM
by preethi muthiah


In your message below you mention that the President cannot interfere with the work of the Sections as long as they do nothing wrong. Who can interfere with the work of the President when we know that she does so many wrongs that are now affecting the entire Theosophical movement? Would you please comment on this and not ignore it or gloss over it?


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                  Looking Within is What is Needed

The Eastern Way of looking at spiritual matters is to look within for

problems and answers. More you look within and understand yourself, more

wise you are and more practical and effective you are.

I think this applies to organizations as well. TS is no exception. In their

wisdom, helped from advise from the Inner Founders, HSO & HPB & Judge set up

TS with full autonomy for the Sections and Lodges. This setup was not

arrived at on a whim. I think some very deep thoughts and wisdom went in.

The objective of HSO, who was President for life, was for TS to spread the

knowledge of theosophy far and wide so that men and women everywhere can

benefit by it. HSO did not intend to dictate to the members and Sections as

the President for Life.

The traditional businesses are setup with top down control and the level and

intensity of control varies with the organization. With TS we are dealing

with the lives of people and the intent was the knowledge that theosophy

provides, there would be individual transformation for the better - better

for everyone.

If you look at some of the discussions going on, you will notice many of

them are directed and deal with Adyar and International President. What is

missing is very simple. The future growth of TS and spread of theosophy. TS

does not function like Vatican, even though some subconsciously may believe

so. Growth depends on what we do at home.

Not much has been talked about the full autonomy of the Sections, even

though the Section leaders relish the power they have in the autonomy

provided by the TS. So long as the Sections do not violate any rules, they

are totally free to carry on their activities in any manner they decide and

not even the International President can interfere with it. Even the GC does

not have the power to remove the Section leader. This is to guarantee the

autonomy of the Sections so that no one outside can interfere - whether

other sections or a clique in the GC. This topic of the role of the

President in respect of the Sections and Lodges is well discussed even in

the Mahatma Letters. It looks like many may have forgotten it.

In the circumstances, it is time again to look at what is happening in many

of the Sections. One of the measures of the progress of TS is to see growth

in membership and lodges. The trend outside India is in a very sad shape.

Very few leaders, elders, scholars, historians discuss it because they do

not have a clue to what is going on. In many cases, they do not discuss it

because if they happen to be in leadership positions, it would reflect badly

on their performance. The trend in India shows a very steady growth with the

result it is the largest Section in the world. This confirms the Wisdom of

the Inner Founders to move TS from NY to India over a century ago.

Most country leaders find non significant outside issues to divert the

attention of the public. All the talk about Adyar and International

President falls into a similar category. So it is high time for all of us to

look into what is happening in our backyards - our lodges and Sections. And

see what we can do. This is what is going to yield results in terms of

spreading the knowledge of theosophy so that our brothers and sisters can

benefit and improve the well being of every one.


There is no religion higher than Truth

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