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further thinking on ufos

Oct 04, 2009 09:25 AM
by Rialto Maldonado

Star gate is not possible   because of corolisse forces. It would tear itself apart.                      Teleportation again is not possible except fore photons and ion drive is only good for              intersteller space. You need rocket  fuel for atmospheric re-entry, Even the   shuttle               has to manouvour.Time travel unless your next to a neutron star is possible for very               short periods, I t takes a gravity well   to get now effect/ you would  not survive the                      radiation from the star. Advanced races probaly have force fields and repulsing and                attracting..We are in business for a few decades in space. HOTEL, the british government      cancelled it.SRAM is possible and high speed near orbital travel is  possible   To power a force field repulser or attractor takes more power than the united states                 can
 generatefor space travel at the present time.Then enertia at high speed has  to be          cancelled out other wise your jam.Advanced races are a million years ahead of us and          have solved these problems.


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