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Re: Theos-World Nibura

Oct 01, 2009 07:23 PM
by Augoeides-222

Also on one link exopolotics providesane article is captioned "Ancient Visitor Returns After 37,000 Years. They calculated the period of comet Neat's Orbit and it is 37,000 years to make one pass through our solar system therefore it absolutely cannot be Nibiru! Nibiru makes 18 passes through our solar system every 25,920 years, or 1 great Solar Year Astronomically. Of the 18 transits through our Solar System only 6 are anywhere near the inner Planets of Mercury, Venus Earth and Mars which might pertebate the Earth to some degree as well as the others. Carved on the Gate of the Sun of Tiahuanaco is the "Puma" Symbol which indicates the Moon before our present Moon, it is also on the hemispheric layout on the top the High Priests Hat of Tiahuanaco in the center is a yellow circle that indicates the Puma Star that nearly destroyed the Earth when is disintegrated at 5.9 earth radii ( see The Calendar of Tiahuanaco,Bellamy and Allen). Pavel Smuty calculates the path of Nibiru to proceed by entering on the southern celestial hemisphere passing past the Constellation of Orion in it path of transit into our solar system, all it's path are not the same but there is variation according to Pavel Smutny. I might also tell you that in 1977 on the 21st of June in order to enable a transformation at Tiahuanaco a well known Scottish Astronomer sent a preconstructed radio telescope communication aimed to pass through a star portal close to Orion which when received enabled the ET Selene Orbital Probe to send Projection energy to The Gate of the Sun at Tiahuanaco which alowed the transformation to occur. Then 54 days later the only solitary "WOW Signal ever recorded was captured by Ozma and Dr. Frank Drake and other Astronomers. It was the confirmation reply to the Scottish Radio Telescope Signal sent by D.L. in my opinion and it was aimed in a direction prom wich Nibiru has to proceed through. 

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You might care to look at this - it doesn't look like a comet - it has no tail? 


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>Sorry, He is only speculating and inerror in my book. A comet isn't a Planet no matter how much you want it to be. I have watched dozens of comets proceed into the sun on SOHO since 1999 and none of them pulled Mercury into the Sun lol. I don't agree that the Comet Near was the Planet Nibiru either. Google Pavel Smuty Narmer Palette. Pavel Smutny was a NASA Scientist that specialized in Orbital Mechanics and Feep Space Communications. His analysis of the Dendera Temple and Narmer Palette that reveals the historic trajectory of the twelth planet through the solar system seems the best I have read so far. The Mass of the Comet and the Mass of Jupiter are two different things, and I haven't seen any comet that hhad the mass of even a small planet yet. 
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