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Re: Theos-World Nibura

Oct 01, 2009 06:54 PM
by Augoeides-222

People that invent these idiotic allegations against NASA need psychiatric care and attention. SOHO is way out from the Earth and NASA can't change it's content. Don't you ever consider that the entire worlds Astronomical Profession is using SOHO's content, the Germans, French , Japanese, Russians , British, So. Americans literally every Obeservatory in the world and if NASA were hypothetically able to distirt or falsify the Images of SOHO then all the other Solar Observatories in the worl would immediately see the difference between their same time image and NASA's false image and raise holy hell to thwe high heavens? This is not the case ask any other NATION not a nazi redactionist or socialist that thrive off of creation of oxymoronic garbage for illiterate uninformed uneducated masses of pot smoking young people who latch onto it due to the pot inspired paranoia. This it nothing but nonsense conspiracy thoery fringe nonsense. I looked and all I saw was a comet with a tail on your link. 
On one of the diagramic boxes there is diagram the orbital path of the comet itself but that is not a comet shown in the diagram. 


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You might care to look at this - it doesn't look like a comet - it has no tail? 


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>Sorry, He is only speculating and inerror in my book. A comet isn't a Planet no matter how much you want it to be. I have watched dozens of comets proceed into the sun on SOHO since 1999 and none of them pulled Mercury into the Sun lol. I don't agree that the Comet Near was the Planet Nibiru either. Google Pavel Smuty Narmer Palette. Pavel Smutny was a NASA Scientist that specialized in Orbital Mechanics and Feep Space Communications. His analysis of the Dendera Temple and Narmer Palette that reveals the historic trajectory of the twelth planet through the solar system seems the best I have read so far. The Mass of the Comet and the Mass of Jupiter are two different things, and I haven't seen any comet that hhad the mass of even a small planet yet. 
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> com/watch? v=wTlqtoQf3Ik& feature=related 
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