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Recent trends on how theosophists are presenting themselves

Sep 24, 2009 09:55 PM
by MKR

When you look at some of the modern writings and messages and articles about
theosophical subjects by members of the theosophical society, one notices
some curious subtle attempts to impress the reader. First, you will find
photos to show how impressive they look. At least if you are an actor or
actress, with a handsome figure, you may want to publicise your looks to
trigger their emotions!

Sometimes one wonders if this is to impress or influence the readerâs
personal bias towards oneâs continental origins. A famous politician once
mentioned that people like others who are like themselves.

Next, we have seen publicising their academic accomplishments however
unconnected that may be to theosophy. Frequently one finds many beating
their own drums about the positions they held in the past, even when that
has nothing to do with theosophy.

Finally, you find mention about how long one is a member and even mention
about life membership. Does all these help further the cause of theosophy or
are they self serving.

I do not know if all of the above affects a prospective member or an earnest
student of theosophy. Or are they just make the individualâs ego feel good?

There seems to be great downside to all of the above. Theosophy is for the
masses; not only for the highly educated and learned. An ordinary person may
either be impressed or simple turned away by all of the above display.

I am reminded of the dictum of Pythagoras, that donât have or show off
anything that would trigger disappointment or envy of the onlooker. A very
good practical advise to any theosophist.

May be it is time for us to discuss how effectively we can keep a low
profile on our accomplishments unrelated to theosophy or theosophical work,
so that a real brotherly/sisterly feeling can be generated. This may help us
spread the message of theosophy.


There is no religion higher than Truth.

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