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Krishnamurtiâs Comments on Adyar

Sep 22, 2009 04:39 PM
by MKR

Krishnamurtiâs Comments on Adyar

On Jan 7, 1924, Jiddu Krishnamurti wrote to the members of TS:

It is essential for the individual member and for the Society that Adyar, as
a great spiritual center, should be maintained worthy and dignified. The
importance of this is so obvious that few can doubt it. Adyar is and always
has been, a spiritual oasis to which the weary traveller looks for comfort
and repose. Though it may not be the previlege of each member in the
Society, to go there from the world of wilderness, yet the mere existence of
such a center give hope and encouragement.

I have visited many a wonderful land and seen many a famous sight but there
is none to equal the extrordinary intangible something of our Adyar. There
is an atmosphere there that does not exist in many a church and temple and
there is a Presence there that we expect to perceive in a sacred shrine. One
can become either a God or a pitiful sinner at Adyar. It is a wonderous spot
and it must be maintained as though it were a holy temple.

Adyar Day exists to remind the members of the glorious place and to urge
them to do their best to make Adyar a worthy and dignified shrine for the

(above is from Krotona Vol IV by Joseph E Ross)

Many have noted that Krishnaji was a very keen observer and is right on
target about his comments.

In the 21st century, we have had comments belittling the atmosphere at Adyar
and some even suggesting that it is a symbolic place. I hope they have read
the above comments by Krishnaji.

Krishnajiâs comment about how the atmosphere affects the growth of the
individual - either up or down is very interesting.

Looking at the current crisis in the TS, we still do not know all the facts
about the tactical plans developed by long-term TS & ES  members and
residents of Adyar to engineer the defeat of the sitting president.

It also may be recalled that Annie Besant, time and again mentioned that TS
troubles always come from ES members. The participants in the plan to defeat
the sitting president are also very likely to be long-term members of ES.
Future history, with the help of Internet, is likely to reveal the real
story behind the events.


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