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a ts conversation

Sep 20, 2009 09:59 PM
by Rialto Maldonado

this evening some friends from kdt the tibetan monasrty dropped by.They used a word            which there is no translation in english, but about an ancestral energy, or a   sense              of the sacred.There is no translation buddhist words in english for some of these                   concepts.Then problem my buddhist friends  about the sense of purpose in theosophy            is that we,ve lost the sense ofd the sacred.The ts has a great future but I don,t know            answers and the answers are in heart and minds together.I know tibetans who                      are sad for there land and there people, but hold a sense of the sacred for what tibet            represents.They hold hope that the chinese curse will go away and there land is theres           agian..I could use pali but my keyboard is in english and we have to see this sense              of purpose.There is a
 buddhist word in pali which says it necely but the buddha stated           only believe what you prove and experience first hand.A teacher can only poiint the               way.The pali word is part of that concept and more.            


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