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ts communications

Sep 20, 2009 04:09 PM
by Rialto Maldonado

I did not go home directly from ts study day but went to see a friend with a mac                      4 core super monster which he built himself and with aid of mac tech.I attended on                second life with a friend who,s computer we were using  a ts type second life                       gathering and some of the second life people expressed ts view points . I m going to do it        again psybernetics and computer tech could be a revolution in esoteric  presentation             computers and  imformation accessibilty  are the key is presenting ideas in creative               ways.the envisining ideas via  ts opportunities ways service, communications, and                 dilligence..  A friend of mine did this in an esoteric way in sussex via a circle                       based second life in sussex 24 hours a day.The computer with cini magic tech can create       the
 dawn of creation   and travel time without the constraints of human intellect                  We can now  spread an idea across the world in minutes.I,m going to look into second life      gatherings of esoteric nature.Edducation could be fun ts wise and we make it global               


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