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Re: [esotericcosmology] Re: [quantum_theory] Does Light Quanta have mass?

Sep 17, 2009 11:23 PM
by Leon Maurer

On Apr 13, 2009, at 4/13/095:04 PM, Mark Kusek wrote:

> Leon,
> How does that resonance transmission work actually? Is there any
> morphology to it? Are there any field forms or wave geometries  
> involved
> in the transmission?

See my cross-section diagram of the initial field of cosmogenesis and  
its initial series of 3 fractal involutions:  And  
also see the way all harmonic fields radiate initially from any zero- 
point spin momentum at:
Obviously, all such harmonic fields are interconnected at their zero- 
point centers of origin, and interpenetrate each other as they  
radially expand through total spacetime.

Thus, when any field is disturbed (by a vibrational frequency such as  
a musical note or other modulated wave information) all harmonic  
fields -- at different frequency phase orders (analogous to musical  
octaves) that are connected to the same fixed point (like violin  
strings linked to each other through the intermediate air or the wood  
frame of the instrument) --  vibrate at the corresponding harmonic  

Remember that all radiant fields have their lines of force tied to  
the zero-point of absolute space -- which is one thing, and thus,  
entirely stationary relative to the changes in frequency modulations  
of each harmonic field.  Since all radiant fields are composed of a  
matrix consisting of zero-point 1-d lines of force, the entire basis  
of all the resonance laws of electrodynamics are in accord with the  
Maxwell, Faraday, Coulomb, Ampere equations -- that, with different  
constants, apply to all harmonic fields at any phase order throughout  
total cosmic spacetime.

> Do concepts like "valence" have anything to do with it in terms of how
> it might bond/relate when transmitting?

Valance is related to the number of electrons in the outer ring of  
any atomic particle, and have little to do with the vibratory  
resonance between radiant energy fields -- which are composed of pure  
space in motion, that form subquantum and quantum (particle-like)  
standing waves.  So, I doubt that valence, at the atomic level, has  
anything to do with the phase conjugate adaptive resonance between  
different orders of radiant fields -- from the lower order EM fields  
on the physical plane to the highest order fields on the cosmic  
spiritual plane -- whose outer circumference is the theosophical  
"Ring Pass not". See:

Incidentally, this resonance is the reason why no information can  
ever be lost and ultimately ends up in the akashic fields, to last  
forever  as the basis of all karma (action = reaction).


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> -- M
> Leon Maurer wrote:
> and transmit such information from one frequency phase order to  
> another
> by phase conjugate adaptive resonance."
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