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Some More feedback on Mary Anderson's Comments

Sep 17, 2009 06:42 PM
by MKR

Mary Anderson, former International Secretary recently commented:

The idea of two Theosophical Societies - East and West - has even been

A quick look at the organizational set up of TS is very revealing. The
national sections are totally autonomous as if each section is a Society by
itself. International President gets involved only when there are disputes
or problems between sections. To understand the structure, all one needs to
do is to read up early history of the TS and the correspondence the Mahatmas
had with Sinnett. Let us remind ourselves that a great amount of of wisdom
went into developing the structure of TS and let us not befool ourselves
that we are smarter than those who started and built the TS.

TS does not have a Pope or Popess dictating and controlling what goes on in
the sections. So the idea of two Societies is intriguing for some and is
laughable for others. If the idea of two societies is logically extended,
then we may end up with multiple societies based on other divisions in the
world that has caused and is causing a lot of misery to our fellow beings.

Anyone wants to add anything?


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