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Some good news on Freemasonry

Sep 15, 2009 07:20 AM
by MKR

Dan Brown, whose book Da Vinci Code is a very popular one has written a new
book The Lost Symbol. A recent comment on this might interest many
theosophists. Here are some quotes:

Freemasons await Dan Brown novel `The Lost Symbol'
Brown goes out of his way in "The Lost Symbol" to present the lodge as
essentially benign and misunderstood. Masons are praised for their religious
tolerance and their elaborate rituals are seen as no more unusual than those
of formal religions. The plot centers in part on an "unfair" anti-Masonic
video that "conspiracy theorists would feed on ... like sharks," Langdon
"I have enormous respect for the Masons," Brown told The Associated Press
during a recent interview. "In the most fundamental terms, with different
cultures killing each other over whose version of God is correct, here is a
worldwide organization that essentially says, `We don't care what you call
God, or what you think about God, only that you believe in a god and let's
all stand together as brothers and look in the same direction.'
Read the full article here:

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