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Re: Wither Theosophy. Whither the Theosophical Society?

Sep 11, 2009 11:11 AM
by katinka_hesselink

I'd like to second that. Focusing on people instead of principles is a very bad idea. We're all learning here. For instance, Govert van der Wall has decided to work for the cause of theosophy within the Dutch board, despite having previously distrusted its members. 

I'd like to think that he has learned that the only way to overcome dissension is to remember we're all limited to our perspectives and the work can only be done well if people with all sorts of opinions come together to move forward. 

--- In, "sampsakuukasjarvi" <sampsakuukasjarvi@...> wrote:
> Preethi,
> May I suggest that you wouldn't mess other people with your mission against Adyar? Please leave other people alone, don't repeat their words supporting you. Let them themselves "come out" to talk about Adyar affairs and Radha if they wish.
> It is embarrasing to see what you wrote about Ms Anderson. This is what I mean being too personal. Please talk about issues, not persons.
> I hope you feel compassion towards all that have made you bitter, Preethi.
> Thank you very much for telling about the new International Secretary.
> Sampsa

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