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Re: Theos-World Re: Zero Point - Leon

Sep 11, 2009 00:20 AM
by Leon Maurer


I'm not so sure that your psychologically oriented labeling of  
Harameins diagrams -- ostensibly picturing the "black-white whole"  
and its gravitational and electrodynamic energy's outward radiation  
and inward spiraling (after a supernova collapse) -- makes very much  

Apparently, this primal beginning of a galaxy pertains only to the  
eighth lowest order material aspect of the physical plane of  
cosmogenesis -- and doesn't necessarily represent the more  
symmetrical fractal involution of the initial higher order physical  
or highest order cosmic  astral, mental, and spiritual planes that  
formed before the symmetry breaking on this lowest order physical/ 
material plane -- when particles, atoms, molecules and their  
ponderable material structures first appear.

Human identity and observer consciousness actually exists at the  
origin of the highest order spiritual plane or globe, and is only  
indirectly linked to the lowest order physical plane that is the  
subject of scientific study or proofs such as Haramein's mathematics  
and their associated diagrams.

So, I doubt if any of those physical energy fields pictured in those  
diagrams, actually pertain to any human psychology or to the  
analogous higher order fields surrounding the zero-(laya) point of  
individual human consciousness... Which is necessarily, based solely  
on symmetric fields of consciousness radiating from that point --  
whose only asymmetries are in the modulated holographic wave  
interference patterned information they carry and transmit from one  
fractal harmonic field to another, by means of phase conjugate  
adaptive resonance.  This, incidentally, along with all cosmic  
structural information carried by every absolute zero-point's primal  
spin momentum (Akasha field) is a technical requirement of a  
holographic universe -- that is not explained or described by  
Haramein's physical/material energy flow diagrams.  The analogy and  
correspondence of such a cosmic hologram can be seen in every DNA  
molecule located in each cell of every sentient being.

A view of these initial higher order symmetric fields of  
consciousness and their descent into matter, can be more accurately  
visualized intuitively (in the imagination) by meditating on and  
extrapolating from the cross sectional 2D and 3D diagrams of  
cosmogenesis illustrated on my blog site below -- which are much  
closer to the original metaphysical "rounds" explained by HPB in the  
Secret Doctrine, as well as exactly following the numerological  
formulas in the Book of Dzyan.

In my view, I would assume that Leadbeater's and Besant's similar,  
but misinterpreted descriptions of the primal atom's structure at the  
physical/material laya point, were due to their inability to  
psychically penetrate deeper than the lowest order material plane at  
the nether side of the spiral vortical wormhole leading to the next  
higher order astral plane.  Note that "laya points" at each level of  
fractal involution on any cosmic plane have different finite mass- 
energy's that are each only a tiny part of the infinite potential  
energy of the "singularity" at their primal absolute zero-point  
centers in unconditioned absolute SPACE.

For a more accurate view of the spinning spiral vortex, fractal  
involved, twin helix harmonic fields within each fundamental physical  
photon particle's spherical standing wave, see the cross section  
diagram of an oncoming light ray at:

Best wishes,
Leon Maurer

On Sep 8, 2009, at 9/8/096:07 PM, Mark Kusek wrote:

> Leon,
> Thanks for listing these links. They are very helpful.
> In fact, I've co-opted this one that I found on the "Resonance  
> Project"
> site and reworked it slightly to use it to illustrate what I've been
> talking about in some of my recent posts.
> I changed some labels to my references, but I think the form aptly
> applies to what we've been talking about and the points I've been  
> trying
> to express.
> I would love to get your read (and anyone else's) on these
> correspondances from the psychological perspective.
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> Password: 1234
> Best,
> -- M
> Leon wrote:
> << For a closer view of this concept check out my new blog, "How It  
> All
> Began" at:
> <>
> and compare it with the theories of Haramein at his web site and in
> his video lectures at:
> <http:// 
> or >>
> <>
> Mark Kusek
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