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Sep 09, 2009 08:01 AM
by Rialto Maldonado

I agree with the forum today. I went to channi a few years ago on holiday. its victorian            and a modern centre to built there for the 21st century. I studied the dalai Lamas                 latest book. and we,ve got all his books every single one.Our centre in kingston is full          of esoteric books millions of them and its stuffed full of esoteric knowledge.                          .Today we unloaded a five ton truck and a donation to food kitchen we do it every month        and web do  other things tooi.We  volunteer there too all the time .  This is theosophy             in action and we do other things too on the  street where it counts.I know many                    people in kingston aqppreciate what we do..As for channi knock it down and build a                ts headquaters for the 21st century there instead with state of the art technology and            
 phasilities for  a cutting edge society to change the world byt examnple..


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