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Re: Zero Point - Leon

Sep 08, 2009 03:07 PM
by Mark Kusek


Thanks for listing these links. They are very helpful.

In fact, I've co-opted this one that I found on the "Resonance Project" 
site and reworked it slightly to use it to illustrate what I've been 
talking about in some of my recent posts.

I changed some labels to my references, but I think the form aptly 
applies to what we've been talking about and the points I've been trying 
to express.

I would love to get your read (and anyone else's) on these 
correspondances from the psychological perspective.

User name: yantra
Password: 1234


-- M

Leon wrote:

<< For a closer view of this concept check out my new blog, "How It All
Began" at: <>
and compare it with the theories of Haramein at his web site and in
his video lectures at: <>
or >>

Mark Kusek
Without Walls: An Internet Art Space

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