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Re: Theos-World Better news in Chennai highway project

Sep 07, 2009 01:45 AM
by preethi muthiah

Hi Sampsa,

Thank you for responding. I guess when one has lived in a place for 16 years and sees it degenerating slowly, some things can get a bit personal, for one's experiences in the place also creep into the picture. I am sure one would agree that we see instances of these kinds of things in HSO's and HPB's writings as well... But they did not have a problem with being personal. Neither do I. But in the TS of today, we are told repeatedly not to take things personally or to say things personally, because somehow that has become a crime.

Were Mrs Burnier and some of her supporters worldwide been as impersonal as they tell the rest of us to be, we would never have had the recent elections, the dismissal of Dr Algeo as Vice President and I would still have been in Adyar, working directly on the Estate. But, of course, one cannot make anyone see the truth of this; least of the all the very personal President of the Theosophical Society worldwide.

As to my knowledge of Mrs Kusum Satapathy, I have met her during many conventions and find her to be efficient, friendly, and a lady in every measure of that term. I also had the good fortune of meeting her father and mother, both of whom were resident at Adyar during my initial years there.

But it does embarrass me no end that I am asked for my feelings about people in general at the TS. My fight which has been going on since May 2009 is much more about the verities that are beyond the personalities, and the only reason I get personal enough to take names is that I do not approve of the things that these people do. 



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Subject: Re: Theos-World Better news in Chennai highway project
Date: Wednesday, 2 September, 2009, 6:18 PM


                  Hi Preethi,

I wanted to inform all Theosophists about the improved situation concerning Adyar and the highway.

You have been brave in your writings about Adyar, but I think some details about the workers have been too personal to be forwarded.

Btw, Preethi, I would be curious to know if you could tell us something about Mrs. Kusum Sutapathy, the new international Secretary of the Adyar TS. I assume you met her at Adyar while you worked there. She is not well-known. Most people only know that her background (family) is very theosophical.

Sampsa from Finland

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> Thank you Sampsa for keeping me updated with news about Adyar. Otherwise, I have had no news at all of it since Mrs Burnier threw me out when I chose to stand up against the corruption she practises in the running of the Estate.


> Fraternally


> Preethi






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