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Sep 03, 2009 08:00 AM
by Rialto Maldonado

I remember Anthea Hoskins in glouster place tell us in the audience on a sundaY                   night that theosophy can change the world fdrom  yourself to collective service and                changing yourself changes your little corner of creation too, and then with help from              others you can change your community and your nation and the world accordingly.                 She said the path is made by yourself alone by your own efforts and you can choose           the gradient of the path by your own intentions as you walk it step by step. The path for          us in kingston is to practice the three objects in a real world in reaL practical ways                to achieve it.Rada burnier said the same thing in the same room a month later.I feel              that we should be at the cutting edge of civilization breaking new ground all the time and        we should be worthy of
 being at the cutting edge sharpe and ready to trake on the                  responsibilty of being a theosophist in the theosophical society in the real world. I agree         wiyh the comments of the forum which i studied too in detail.


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