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Re: Theos-World Re: Faked moon landing? Update -- Shock in Amsterdam

Sep 02, 2009 06:36 PM
by Augoeides-222

Take your pills. 
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Subject: Re: Theos-World Re: Faked moon landing? Update -- Shock in Amsterdam 

>America did land on the moon even the Russians say so lol! 

John, I have no problem with the moon landing. 
I would be happy, if they did it. 

But we live no longer in the middle ages and I want to KNOW and not BELIEVE. 

As there is still after 40 years no transparency and no research on first 
hand photos are allowed, I would not believe the story, even if the Buddha 
would tell it. 

Blavatsky did also teach not to believe anything another one says, because 
there are now forces around, which spread lies as never before in histroy 
and try to hypnotize whole nations. 

I am interested in facts, not in fairy tales. 

After 40 years and when a cell phone or a watch has more advanced mirco 
technique is the Apollo machines, there is no reason to block research for 
fear of technological theft. 

BTW, Russia is a really poor witness for Apollo. 

Russia never congratulated during the six alleged moon landings period. 

And Russia was since the October revolution in 1917 hidden colony of Wall 
Blavatsky writes about the Rothschild conspiracy in the 1880'ies. 

In 1905 the red revolution nearly succeeded. 
William Q. Judge always was in fear that the satanic revolution of 1789 will 
never happen again. 

In 1917 it happened again. Over 90% of the red Soviet council were Jewish. 
They killed the Czar and the leading German elite of Russia, satanic, 
complete destruction of all culture and moral, bringing the country back 
into the middle ages. 

Moscow declared world revolution by violence and the "liberation" of all 
nations and the invading of all countries in Eastern and Western Europe. 

BTW, it was long before your pet politician big H entered the scene. 

Even during the alleged "cold war" Russia received always the newest 
military and civil technology from USA including money. 

So, there were good reasons, do be silent. 

The white five-point star (USA) and the yellow five-point star (USSR) where 
never enemies. 

And did not Ronnie Reagan admit it in his UN speech, when he spkoe of the 
alien force which is already among us and that USA and USSR will work 

Guess, which alien force he hints to. 

It is that force, which never surrendered in 1945. 

BTW, I hope, I find the time to answer to your reply re the Slavonic race. 
Unfortunately you seem never have read serious works about it. 
I will give you some lessons from medivial sources next opportunity and you 
will see that and why the myth of an alleged Slavonic race is in my humble 
opinion one of the key topics of bastard socialism as HPB called it and one 
of the major causes for the tragic events in the 20th century in Europe. 

Best wishes, 



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