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Re: Theos-World Better news in Chennai highway project

Sep 02, 2009 05:48 AM
by sampsakuukasjarvi

Hi Preethi,

I wanted to inform all Theosophists about the improved situation concerning Adyar and the highway.

You have been brave in your writings about Adyar, but I think some details about the workers have been too personal to be forwarded.

Btw, Preethi, I would be curious to know if you could tell us something about Mrs. Kusum Sutapathy, the new international Secretary of the Adyar TS. I assume you met her at Adyar while you worked there. She is not well-known. Most people only know that her background (family) is very theosophical.

Sampsa from Finland

--- In, preethi muthiah <seeker_preethi@...> wrote:
> Thank you Sampsa for keeping me updated with news about Adyar. Otherwise, I have had no news at all of it since Mrs Burnier threw me out when I chose to stand up against the corruption she practises in the running of the Estate.
> Fraternally
> Preethi

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