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Re: Theos-World Some thoughts on Transparency

Sep 01, 2009 07:55 PM
by Augoeides-222

The Platform Sutra of the 6th Patriarch is excellent, and if you notice especially when a monk asks the Patriarche for "The Non-verbal Transmission of Mind" the Patriarches reply was "Have you seen your original face?" , there follows a hysterical effort of the monk to locate and find by an exhaustive search of his cell and where abouts the "face" the Patriarche asked him about! lol. So here so also become exposred to the ten levels of conscousness of the Bodhisatva and the interesting route between the levels. I enjoyed this Sutra myself long a ago. The habitual pattern is "clinging" to mind itself. 


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Subject: Re: Theos-World Some thoughts on Transparency 

MKR wrote: 

M. Sufilight says: 
Yes. I wonder, what would happen with "MISLEADING OPENNESS"? 

- - - A bit of Zen - - - 

The wind was flapping a temple flag. Two monks were arguing about it. One said the flag was moving; the other said the wind was moving. Arguing back and forth they could come to no agreement. 

The Sixth Patriarch said, "It is neither the wind nor the flag that is moving. It is your mind that is moving." 

- - - 
Zen Saying: 
Be master of mind rather than mastered by mind. 

- - - 
Zen Saying: 
Zen mind is not Zen mind. That is, if you are attached to Zen mind, then you have a problem, and your way is very narrow. 

M. Sufilight 

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Subject: Theos-World Some thoughts on Transparency 

Recently when I visited a state government website in the USA, I looked at 
the site map and was surprised and impressed to find Transparency as one of 
the topics. 
Obviously, in the 21st century, transparency is becoming easier to implement 
with the help of Internet. All meetings can be streamed on-line and can also 
be archived for later viewing. All documentation can be put online and can 
be viewed any time. 
In the USA, it is a legal requirement that all public bodies have to meet in 
open meetings and criminal penalties are there if anyone violates it. In the 
wisdom of those who formulated these requirements, they found it is a great 
safeguard to protect the public interests to prevent backdoor secret 
decisions hurting the public. 
The recent events in TS has high lighted the need for transparency. Starting 
with the untruthful information about the health of the sitting president at 
the time of the election and subsequent shocking attempt to secretly 
disenfranchise all members and seize the power of appointing the president 
leaves much of a choice to members. These actions and continued silence of 
the leaders, elders, long-time members, and other well known members, does 
not help increase the trust members have in their leaders. 
Unless members are alert and vigilant, the continued inaction in the 
bringing about transparency at the autonomous Section level activities, we 
do not know what danger is being cooked behind the scenes. This is all the 
more important because, the strongly divided voting pattern in the last GC 
meeting says a lot. It is in stark contrast with the almost unanimous 
pattern that is the norm since the days of Olcott. 
Fortunately, we are blessed with the benefit of the Masterâs warning - 

Let us benefit from it. It is high time members demand their Section leaders 
to immediately implement total transparency. It is very easy to do it. 
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