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Re: Theos-World Re: Faked moon landing? Update -- Shock in Amsterdam

Aug 31, 2009 07:59 PM
by Augoeides-222

It appears to me that when the recipient of the Original Authentic Moon Rock died someone having access to the owners estate switched it using a piece of petrified wood which is plainly and most obviously not a "Moon Rock". There is no "Petrified Wood" on the moon lol!!! Authentic Real Moon Rocks can be sold on the black market for up to $1 million USD. 

Here is a working link to the Article: 

BBC News Fake Dutch Moon Rock 


America did land on the moon even the Russians say so lol! 

Soviet Top Secret Project 

>>> Soviet top secret space project gets second life - RT <<< 


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Wha is fake, also this url is error, not to be find. 

--- In , "Frank Reitemeyer" <ringding2009@...> wrote: 
> Shock in Amsterdam Museum. 
> The stone from the moon landing turns out a fake: 
> First time in life I had serious doubts about accepted Western academic 
> dogmas like virusses, inocculation, vivisection or moon landings after 
> studying Blavatsky commentator and successor Gottfried de Purucker. After 
> this initiation I made in-depth studies. Today the picture about the common 
> conspiracy is quite clear. 
> Interesting, that the biggest German newspaper prints the demand for 
> research of all alleged moon stones. 
> Theosophists should make inquiries that also research should be made on: 
> - the original Apollo films 
> - the original Apollo devices 
> - the original Apollo space suits 
> Bear in mind, that all films, devices, space suits etc. Nasa shows since 40 
> years in museums, exhibitions, are NOT original, but "reconstructions". 
> I for one write oftren readers letters and inquiries to authorities. It is 
> most interesting, what can turn out with this letters over the years. 
> In the early 1980'ies I supported an Aids critical group, who demanded 
> proofs that 
> the HIV virus exists and that this virus is responsible for a bulk of 30 
> ordinary ilnesses. Billions of dollars "science" has sucked out this then 
> from the taxpayers with no result until now... 
> But end of the 1980'ies my search for truth was rewarded as I came to 
> theosophy and with theosophy came the most needed answers for many lifelong 
> bruning questions. 
> But what of the burning questions of TODAY? 
> What about the suffering of the billions of innocent people TODAY? 
> Since 100 years the ULT sows doubt about the Masters of Wisdom and Their 
> messengers. 
> The ULT teaches the heresy that each theosophist can find the truth for 
> him/her/it alone. 
> But since 100 years fails to give proofs in form of answers to burning 
> questions. 
> Theosophists should also ask the ULT about the theosophical position to 
> themes like virusses, moon landings etc. 
> BTW, the moon stone is not the only fake on historical matters in 
> Amsterdam... 
> "License history" as KH would say ("Five years of Theosophy", p. 326). 
> Frank 


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