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Re: Theos-World Faked moon landing? Update -- Shock in Amsterdam

Aug 30, 2009 01:00 PM
by Augoeides-222

More Mindless Dribble Frank, the stock content of most of the threads lately. 
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Subject: Theos-World Faked moon landing? Update -- Shock in Amsterdam 

Shock in Amsterdam Museum. 

The stone from the moon landing turns out a fake: 

First time in life I had serious doubts about accepted Western academic 
dogmas like virusses, inocculation, vivisection or moon landings after 
studying Blavatsky commentator and successor Gottfried de Purucker. After 
this initiation I made in-depth studies. Today the picture about the common 
conspiracy is quite clear. 

Interesting, that the biggest German newspaper prints the demand for 
research of all alleged moon stones. 

Theosophists should make inquiries that also research should be made on: 

- the original Apollo films 
- the original Apollo devices 
- the original Apollo space suits 

Bear in mind, that all films, devices, space suits etc. Nasa shows since 40 
years in museums, exhibitions, are NOT original, but "reconstructions". 

I for one write oftren readers letters and inquiries to authorities. It is 
most interesting, what can turn out with this letters over the years. 

In the early 1980'ies I supported an Aids critical group, who demanded 
proofs that 
the HIV virus exists and that this virus is responsible for a bulk of 30 
ordinary ilnesses. Billions of dollars "science" has sucked out this then 
from the taxpayers with no result until now... 

But end of the 1980'ies my search for truth was rewarded as I came to 
theosophy and with theosophy came the most needed answers for many lifelong 
bruning questions. 

But what of the burning questions of TODAY? 
What about the suffering of the billions of innocent people TODAY? 

Since 100 years the ULT sows doubt about the Masters of Wisdom and Their 

The ULT teaches the heresy that each theosophist can find the truth for 
him/her/it alone. 

But since 100 years fails to give proofs in form of answers to burning 

Theosophists should also ask the ULT about the theosophical position to 
themes like virusses, moon landings etc. 

BTW, the moon stone is not the only fake on historical matters in 

"License history" as KH would say ("Five years of Theosophy", p. 326). 



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