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Transparency - Theosophical Investment Trust

Aug 30, 2009 12:07 PM
by MKR

All the funds of TSA are managed by Theosophical Investment Trust. Highly
respected members of TS are serving as the Trustees. But the details of the
trust is shrouded in mystery as is usual in all theosophical administrative
matters we have seen.

Has anyone seen the document establishing the trust? How is the Trust
legally integrated with TSA? Has anyone seen the bylaws? How are the
trustees selected? Who can be a trustee? What are their terms of office?
What are the rules governing their removal if necessary? Do the trust have a
conflict of interest policy? Any compensation paid to anyone directly or
indirectly? Are any expenses reimbursed? Who watches the trustees to make
sure they are doing their job? Are the meetings of the trustees open to TS
members? (They are managing the money of TS and TS members have a built-in
interest in the well being of the funds.)

It is high time that transparency is implemented. Since TS is not a secret
operation, transparency can only help bring better confidence in the minds
of members. This is all the more essential after the events of last year,
especially after the failed ultra secret disenfranchisement attempt  which
resulted in many members to have a low level of trust in their leaders.

I welcome any feedback from knowledgeable members.



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