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High talk from mystery authors

Aug 30, 2009 06:37 AM
by MKR

High talk from mystery authors

Recently, members have seen a new phenomenon in theosophical circles.
Mystery authors (not even hiding behind pseudonyms) talking like experts
about TS.

Typically, in the US politics, we have, from time to time, seen such
attempts in election times. Now it has migrated to theosophy. Again, this
confirms the truth about the statement by one of the Adepts behind the
founding of TS that the weaknesses of human nature is the same everywhere.

The mark of an common man/woman is to stand behind what they say or write.
We may or many not agree with what they have to say. At least, people
respect them for the simple fact that what they see is what they get.

What appears on Internet stays on, like Akashic records and no one or no
organization is able to interfere with it. Hence, when current generation of
young men and women who are growing up in the Internet culture, come upon
the topic of theosophy, they first google it.

Lo and behold, they read all the discussions retrieved from the Internet
archives. They are totally confused and do not understand the disconnect
between the object and motto of TS and the behavior of the members from what
they read.

Brave men and women in the past have suffered and even lost their lives for
what they believe. Contrasting that with what we are seeing in theosophical
circles is just pitiful.

As my grandma used to say, let God give His blessings and open up their
common sense and help these mystery men and women.

My 0.02


There is no religion higher than truth


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