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Re: Theos-World Better news in Chennai highway project

Aug 29, 2009 04:31 PM
by sampsakuukasjarvi

Yes, They (the Masters) made a good choice in 1882. And Annie Besant was wise when she bought and asked members to buy a lot of new land for the HQ since 1907. Expansions would have been impossible later.

Maybe They are still watching and protecting Adyar on the background! I believe They are if They think that Adyar is worth it.

There should be talking how all TS Sections and smaller areas could learn from each others' activities.

Also Wikipedia says in entry

"26 August: The planned development near the adyar estuary is put on hold following strong requests from people. The area near Theosophical Society will also remain untouched. Source: "

--- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> Thanks for the good news.
> Let us give some credit to Those who made the choice to locate the HQ at
> Adyar.
> I am confident that with all the things that have happening in recent
> months, TS will indeed survive as an organization to help the Humanity. All
> one needs to visit some of the branches/lodges in India to sense the
> dedication of the members and I am sure that is the case in other parts of
> the world. Since I have personal knowledge of Indian Lodges and the members,
> I am saying this.
> If anyone has the time and interest and finances, I recommend visiting
> lodges in India and meet members and give short talks. You can get a first
> hand feel for the conditions there.
> While I do not speak for the Indian Section, my guts tell me that they would
> indeed welcome anyone even if you are not a scholar and do not talk
> 'approved' theosophy!

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