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Re: Theos-World Masquerade Galore

Aug 28, 2009 07:59 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Dear friends

My views are:

Interesting views.

MKR, you wrote:
frequently one finds masqueraders talk like experts on legal and other
matters and such talks do not carry much credibility with members because
lack of expert credentials."

Sometimes I wonder what one would call "expert credentials"?

M. Sufilight

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  Subject: Theos-World Masquerade Galore

    Masquerade Galore

  Since the start of last yearâs electioneering, a key ingredient that was
  absent in prior elections is the independent Internet to exchange messages.
  This has led to very interesting developments which keep the membersâ
  interest, if they have access to Internet.

  The first significant fact is that unelected general council members trying
  to sway the election outcome. They have votes in the nomination of President
  candidates! Then came the attempt by some GC members to feed members with
  untrue information to influence uninformed members. That failed miserably as
  it got shot down by credible facts. Once the election verdict was out,
  (probably the result surprising some members) unsustained allegations were
  made against the Indian Section, enraging the section with largest
  membership. This went nowhere.

  Next, some of the well known leaders shot themselves in their foot by their
  ultra secret attempt to disenfranchise all members and GC members seize the
  power to appoint the president. This was discovered in time and broadcast to
  shocked members world-wide with the help of independent Internet. This
  resulted in many members to have a low level of trust in their elected
  leaders. Anyone who has read any occult literature know that once anything
  is put in writing, it is bound to come out.

  Most recent development on the Internet stage is individuals using
  masquerade to hide their real identity and thus avoid personal
  responsibility for what they write. Masqueraders have used various
  interesting names. Only we have not yet seen anyone using the names God or
  Mahatma. We can only speculate about the individuals behind the masquerade.
  Here are some possibilities.

  Well known leaders
  Well known members
  Ordinary members
  Employees of TS Sections
  Surrogates of the above
  Agents of Dugpas (Dugpas always use others and stand behind the scenes)
  Agents of Jesuits
  Others who seek to hurt and cause trouble to TS.

  The common thread is they dare not say them under their own name and take
  personal responsibility. Usually they come and go. They disappear when you
  press them about their identity. Frequently we also see websites setup by
  the masqueraders, in the hope of swaying the opinion of members. Also
  frequently one finds masqueraders talk like experts on legal and other
  matters and such talks do not carry much credibility with members because
  lack of expert credentials.

  Internet postings are like Akashic Records. It is there archived for
  retrieval. When newbees and prospective members look at the main object of
  TS and the motto of TS, they are confused because of the disconnect they see
  between what the TS stands for and what they see going on.

  Keep tuned. We will see lot more masqueraders in the days to come. Let us
  all have fun in reading their messages and keep ourselves entertained. If
  anyone wants the readers to give serious consideration for their views,
  masks should come off and openly stand behind their views and take personal


  There is no religion higher than Truth.

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